Sunday, July 09, 2006

Veggie Time!

Well, Saturday I had planned on going to the farmer's market, but I didn't make it. Instead I went to this wonderful vegetable stand in my home town. It's a family owned stand with great Mississippi grown (and sometimes other places!) grown vegetables. I love going there because they have good vegetables, good prices, and good service. It makes me want to support them. Anyway, this is what I came home with.

Apparently, I'm getting pretty good at picking watermelons. The last two I got split right down the center and smelled delicious. They also tasted delicious. I LOVE summer. Tune in tomorrow to see what NEW recipe I tried with the tomatoes! It was delicious.


Heather said...

This looks similar to my bounty from the Farmers Market and the grocery store. I am serching for a way to incorporate the zucchini into a muffin.

By the way, love the site.

Annie said...

I've been eating a lot of watermelon lately. It is so refreshing and really good for you. Don't you just love that?
I can't wait to see the tomato recipe.

Unknown said...

Heather - thanks for dropping by my site. It's always encouraging to know that people actually read it!

Annie - I LOVE watermelon: sweet but healthy! Mississippi has really good ones, too.