Sunday, July 03, 2016

Fish Fry

At the beginning of May, our Sunday School had a fish fry.  David had to work but I took the kids out there to play and eat.  David was able to make it around lunchtime.
 The guys in the class all came around 5-6 am and fished in the pond for our lunch.  Caleb and David both enjoyed the spoils! 
You think they look alike?!  Several of Caleb's friends from school are in our class as well (well, their parents are).
 He had a blast playing with the trucks with his little buddy! 
Kate had a ton of fun on the water jump house. 
Caleb did NOT like the water.  I think it was just too cold for him and he doesn't like water "sprinkling" on him, either. 
His favorite was definitely the food and Kate enjoyed it, too! 
We were all glad when Daddy got there.  He took Caleb down to the lake to watch for fish.
 Shortly after this I took Caleb home.  He fell asleep within 2 minutes of leaving and slept for 4 hours! 
We had such a fun day.  Thankful for fellowship with friends!