Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Farewell Dinner

Well, I am an "unhappy" blogger probably for the next week or so. My parents are moving from our home of 23 years (the only one I've known) to Jackson, TN. Daddy is changing schools. This will be quite an adjustment for me as most of the places I go outside of school, my parents "should" be there. We go to the same church, Mama and I sing in choir together, and I go home to cook quite often. Those things will be changing. Although change is good, it will take a while for me to get used to this. I just pray that God uses this to make me more dependent on Him.

Anyway, Friday we went over to my parents' best friends' house for dinner. Joanie and Bruce are like parents to me and my brother. I'm sure I'll spend some time at their house now that Mama and Daddy are in TN. We had Mexican Salad. This is a dinner that we had EVERY YEAR at Christmas. We would go over to their house, eat Mexican Salad, and open presents. It was a great tradition. Now, Joanie has said that when Mama and Daddy come visit and eat at her house, we'll have this same dish.

It's really a simple dish to make. Just take some (I guess a pound or two) ground beef (or turkey if you want, this is what I would use now!), cook it, drain, add taco seasoning and a couple cans of Ranch style beans (more or less depending on how many beans you want). Then make your salad using the following add ons:
-corn chips
-green chiles
-sour cream
-Catalina dressing
-picante sauce/salsa
Combine with friends and family and you have a wonderful meal to be remembered!


Annie said...

Claire, I'm so sad for you. I would miss my Mom terribly if she were to move. I understand how you feel because I am very close to my Mom. It's nice that you will still be able to visit with your parents friends though. You'll get trough it- and maybe it is a change for the good. I will say a prayer for you. :)

Unknown said...

Annie, thanks so much. I am so blessed to have lots of people in town (including my grandmother) who care about me and have already said if I need anything, they'll be there. BUT, there's nothing like Mama (or Daddy!). I'm thankful for telephones, though. I'm sure I'll be on it a lot!

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Wow, that is sad. How far away will they be? I'm 2 hours from my parents which is nice - short enough to make a day trip every few weeks. The older I (they!) get, the more I wish I was closer.

Unknown said...

Paula, they'll now be about 4 hours away from previously 20 minutes. That will be really different for me, but I guess it will give me a place to get away. FUnny thing, I live in Jackson and they are moving to Jackson in a different state.