Saturday, July 15, 2006

Paula Deen

Just got back from the Paula Deen cooking show. We were on the next to the last row all the way up, but we were in the center, so it was okay. Here is the view.

Paula was funny, but she talked too much. She acted like she didn't care about cooking. If she had talked while she cooked it would have been fine. Michael ended up doing most of the cooking while she talked. She even went over 15 minutes and still didn't get to make her dessert. Oh, well. It was still fun.

Here are some things I learned:
-Gerti is not her dog. She is Godon Elliot's.
-She and MIchael are currently quitting smoking (15 days now)
-IN four weeks she is going to be a grandmother to Jackson (I think)!
-In the fall she will be on a prime time show on food network with a live cooking show.
-Put white bread under meatloaf to soak up the grease.

Even though she didn't cook much, it was still fun. I got to spend the afternoon with mama and Joanie, which is always fun. Now I"m going home to cook a blueberry pie with Mama. I'm going to practice my pie shell baking skills and, as Paula said today, "build memories!"


The Cookbook Junkie said...

She eats all that butter AND she was a smoker?!

Heather said...

How cool is that? I would have loved to see Paula. I can imagine her talking the whole time. On her show yesterday her and Michael were bbqing and he did all the work and she talked.

Unknown said...

Paula - Yep, she was a smoker. I never would have guessed that from her voice. Recently her son told her if she wanted to keep her grandbaby any, she and Michael had to quit smoking. Seems like a great incentive to me!

Heather - The show you saw sounds a lot like the show I saw! Michael did all of the meatloaf and most of the tomato tarts while she talked!

Anonymous said...

Does her son Bobby smoke too?