Friday, October 09, 2015

12 Months - One WHOLE Year

My baby boy is a year old. 
How can that be?!  This year has gone by so quickly. 
We have had such fun watching Caleb grow and are excited to watch more.  This month Caleb had a lot of fun. 
We had a visit from Allie and Doc at the beginning of the month and Caleb got to go to his first football game.  Then he had a taste of his first popsicle.  He really wasn't a big fan of that.
He has learned to climb, as I discovered one day when he made his way onto the dishwasher.  We have not allowed him to repeat this but it was definitely a camera worthy moment!

Then we visited the zoo
and Caleb got to play in the splash pad.  He was a little unsure at first but then ended up really enjoying it.

Unfortunately, he had another fever virus this month. It only lasted a day but that just meant he got to hang out with mom all weekend.  By Sunday he was fine and ready to play hats with daddy!

Stats: He is a healthy boy! 
He weighs 22 pounds 5 ounces (65%), is 30.5 inches long (75%) and his head is 48 cm (95%).

Food: He loves food!  Favorites are still banana and yogurt.  New foods this month include popsicle, fish, goldfish, string cheese, hashbrowns, biscuits, peanut butter...and cake!
He really likes it all.  Recently he's been refusing fruit (except banana).  Not sure what's up with that.
Clothes: It depends - he is in 12 month and a few 12-18 month clothes.  the 18 month pants are still too long (he has short legs!).
 Solidly in a size 4 diaper.  I really have no clue what size shoes he wears...he doesn't wear them!

Sleep:  Well, at the point of turning one year, he had gotten into a pretty good sleep pattern.  He would go to sleep around 730-8 and wake up around 6-615.
 And he WAS sleeping through the night...he's not currently but hopefully he'll get back to it soon.

School:  He loves his teachers...and they love him.  We moved up to the duck class a few months ago and he has learned so much in there.  I just love watching him. 
Sometimes I'll see him playing with his little friends on the video camera.  They get to go outside and play on the little playground.  I'm sure it's his favorite.  Just before he turned one, they had "Dress like a farmer" day.  Isn't he cute?!

Milestones:  He can balance for a few seconds without holding on.  He is definitely getting better at cruising and walking assisted.  In fact, he gets SO excited when you put him behind his walker.  He just grins! 
He has figured out how to turn on the water in our bathtub, thankfully the hot water is where he can't reach it.  He is also apparently a climber.  He loves climbing up stairs. 
He has tried to climb his lion and actually did climb the swing. 
He discovered the toilet and thinks it is a fun toy! 
He's also getting pretty good at opening the cabinets and getting things out. 
The other day he got a bag of chips out, pulled off the clip, dumped it all on the floor, and started trying to eat the chips.  What a stinker!

He really wants to stand on his own and has taken to getting on his feet and hands, frequently in a downward dog-like position!  Ha!

Words: he says "di-dee" (Daddy), "yaya" (mama), "daaaaa" (bye), "eh" (hey).  He will also say baba sometime when he should say mama.  We're thinking this may be because I call him Bubba a lot.

He has gotten REALLY good at signing "eat." In fact, it's almost the first thing he does once he really wakes up in the morning.  He can sign all done and has actually SAID all done 2-3 times.  It actually comes out "ah dah" but it is in the right context! 

Loves: eating, walking, OUTSIDE,
sissie, baths  we have now moved from the duck tub to the real tub; he was starting to stand up and jump in the duck tub!  Doors are still a favorite as well.

Dislikes: getting diaper changed, having his face cleaned, being squeezed (unfortunately this is usually something sissie does)
I love this little boy so much!  It is bitter sweet that he is now one.  In so many ways I want him to remain my little baby (and he ALWAYS will be!) but it is such a joy to watch his grow and learn.
 We are so thankful for his happy personality and that he just loves so much!  He's really starting to look like his daddy these days...and I'm ok with that!
  If he grows up to be like his daddy in looks and actions, this mama's heart will be thrilled and thankful.  We are just overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising our children and humbled that God would give them to us.