Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Snack Ideas

I don't have much time on Wednesdays to cook because I work (or got ot school) all day and then have church at night. Sooooo...tonight I think it would be fun to give some healthy snack ideas. This summer I'm working in pediatrics at a hospital in Mississippi. As many of you know, this wonderful state is in competition with Louisiana for fattest state! Not something to be proud of; so, one of the things that the pediatricians say it to make treats healthy. If Mama tells child an apple or banana is a treat, child will think an apple or banana is a treat.

Sometimes, I think, though, that plain fruit might seem "everyday." So, to really make it a treat do something fun. Take bananas and peel them. Stick a popsickle stick in it and pop it in the freezer. This is SO very good. If you want to dress it up. Let it thaw for a minute and dip in chocolate. Healthy, special, and delicious. Other fruits a good frozen as well; I've done grapes and peaches. Frozen fruit can also be used along with some yogurt, blended and enjoyed as a smoothy.

One more quick frozen treat is to take graham crackers, spread some cool-whip on top, and return to the freezer for an "ice cream sandwich." Hope these snack ideas help someone with their kiddos and keep us healthy!

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Anonymous said...

The frozen banana dipped in chocolate sounds like a great snack...for adults too!