Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kate Turns SEVEN!

After we got back from TN, Kate turned seven!  She had her birthday at church kids' camp and had a blast. 
That night we had fish tacos and presents.  She was super excited about her "mermaid" earrings
 and water bottle (which has been a HUGE success in getting her to drink water!).  She and Daddy got a lego set to do together..and then Kate ended up doing it all on her own!
Then that Saturday, we had her party...grandmommie even got to come!
  She wanted a horse party at the tumble gym again.  So, I made a caramel horse cake...
and the kids played. 

We had lots of sweet friends come. 

Kate even got to wear a hat that David found for her.
 They had fun all around...and Caleb got to see his "lissa."
 I think I have a pretty sweet little family!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Music Camp and TN Birthday

So, Kate went with Allie and Doc to TN for music camp.  She had a great time and learned to play the piano and tried violin and xylophone.

  We went up there for her performance and had Kate-O and Granddaddy join us for the performance. 
We were so proud of her and her participation and learning all these songs!  Granddaddy and Kate-O also brought some birthday presents for Kate, and we got to enjoy a little party.  
We had cupcakes,
which Kate and Caleb both enjoyed...
until they were gone!
Kate had lots of fun opening her presents
and then enjoyed playing with them before her performance.
The next day, we had doc's pancakes and then Kate and Caleb had a blast playing in the box
 and doing sommersaults before we went home.
 It was a quick but fun trip!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Family Reunion

The weekend after July 4 we had our family reunion in TX.  The kids did great on the drive!  We stopped twice and didn't have any complaining.  Kate even met a cowboy! 
They kids had a blast playing outside in the TX heat...and Caleb decided that he likes sand!
 Kate got to do some arts and crafts with Allie.
 Caleb enjoyed a new game on the porch outside with Doc.

 He even read himself a (very animated) bedtime story. 
The next day, we spent a lot of time outside again. 
We all walked down to the playground. 
Kate had fun on the trapeze showing off her gymnastics skills.

 Caleb played on the slide and swings. 
After lunch and nap, we walked down to the "petting zoo."  No one was there to help us but we saw goats and chickens. 
Then Caleb got to play baseketball with daddy. 

They played in the sand some more. That night, the kids watched Nemo (I think Caleb dreamed about the sharks because he woke up crying in the middle of the night).  After goodbyes, Kate went home with Allie and Doc for music camp the next week!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

July 4th Celebration

Last year, I thought Caleb was too young to go to July 4th celebration.  So, David took Kate by herself.  (Seems so strange to see Caleb with a paci in his mouth now!  We took it away a few weeks after this)

This year, we all went.  Kate, of course, had fun with the jumpy things. 
She even tried her hand at the spinny, take-you-down thingy.  She was a pretty smart girl and came up with her own method of success (i.e., not being knocked out!). 
We also got to spend a little time with this pretty girl and her mama! 
When we got back to our spot, Caleb had been playing with Mrs. Melissa and Daddy.  He was having a blast. 

We decided to go get a Sno Biz to cool off before fireworks. 
Kate enjoyed hers and Caleb shared with Mama and Daddy. 

I think he was a fan.  He was NOT, however, a fan of the fireworks!  He kept his head buried (after I got him to calm down) the whole time, refusing to even look at the fireworks. 
He loves them now and wants to watch the "lights" on video a lot.  Kate enjoyed them but didn't stop talking the ENTIRE fireworks show. 
I'm trying to decide if it was entertaining or not!  We had a great time.