Thursday, March 13, 2014

The End of 2013 Christmas Celebrations

We celebrated Christmas with my family the weekend after.  My brother and his wife came to see her parents, so we set aside Saturday morning for our celebration.
We haven't really had any specific traditions.  We actually have had different dinners over the past few years from lamb to plov (a yummy Russian rice dish) to fish.  This year, we decided to have brunch.  It was perfect!  I think we all decided that this is our new tradition.  Everyone arrived around 10 and we chatted while I fixed the food.  Kenna even painted K's toenails.
Sylin' huh?
  We had waffles, fruit, sausage balls, and eggs.
Then we opened presents.  K got the first there was no hiding it!
I asked my dad to make her a dress-up storage center.  I found one on Amazon and he copied it.  It turned out PRECIOUS!
Then, after she figured out what was going on, K was so sweet in giving "Doc" a hug.
 After that, we all hunkered down in the den and started opening presents.  K got some fun stuff.  Can't forget Princess Ana.
  Kenna gave me a really cute monogrammed chevron scarf.
Loved it!  K gave Philip and MS State keychain...he was a little dramatic
but it led to some CUTE pictures!
I think K liked watching everyone open their presents just as much as opening her own.
We got a measuring stick that we need to hang and mark K on before she starts growing more. 
Philip and Kenna ended up staying until 2, much longer than we thought.  So thankful for family and getting to celebrate with them!

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