Friday, March 28, 2014

14 weeks - Enter the Second Trimester

I was 14 weeks yesterday.  Thankfully I continue to do well.  Two days ago, K said "Look, Mama, your baby is growing." I'm not really sure what she saw that made her think that but...ok.  Despite what she thinks, I haven't really started showing yet though I did buy several maternity clothes at a local consignment sale last week.  I also got a Vera Bradley diaper bag for $15! WOW!  Super excited about that. 

Due Date: September 25, 2014
How Far Along: 14 weeks, Hello second trimester
Fruit/Veggie: Lemon/Beet, about 3.5 inches long, 1.5 ounces
Gender: we don't know yet, should be about 5 weeks.  I haven't had many symptoms and HR was 160-170 last week.  Take that as you will...I'm waiting for the sonogram!
Exercise: Still doing my normal routine but feel slower than usual. I can't "run" the step as fast as usual

Aversions: coffee, raw spinach

Cravings: sausage biscuits

Symptoms: fatigue (mild)...and the cold that David gave me this week, increased thirst

What I miss: Enjoying Coffee

What I love: K's excitement!  She reminds us "mama's pregnant" everyday and prays for the baby most days.  The daycare we've applied for: It just seems great and they have a great curriculum for preschool as baby grows.  The afterschool will be great for K as well!

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the gender, loving this baby

What I'm thankful for: David's support for me, encouragement to me to rest and nap even though I know I really should be doing things around the house, our families' excitement, ...the blessing of this baby!

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