Monday, November 25, 2013

Sayings from K

One of the things I am thankful for this year is Miss K.  Several years ago I was bemoaning the fact that I was already the age my mother was when she had me...and that was after being married for seven years already...and I wasn't even dating anyone.  I have always wanted to be a Mama, and would still love to have a new baby, but God knew this desire and was just telling me to wait.  Surprise of all surprises when I fell in love with a man who had a little girl in need of a Mama.  I got it all at fantastic husband and a little family all at once, complete with my precious little girl!  It has been a big learning experience but I'm loving it.  God has shown me so much through being a Mama and through K-girl.  Choosing what is important to "battle" over, patience, showing grace, teaching manners, teaching about God and how important He is.  I still have a lot to learn, but K has been saying some really cute things recently and I have to share before I forget!

We were shopping the other day and she told me she was "hongry."  Of course, she always fusses about this, so I brought a Laughing Cow cheese snack with me.  When I pulled it out of my purse she just gasped, tasted it and said "Mom, you are SO good!"  HA!

On the way home from that same trip, David had turned off the radio, so it was quiet in the car.  After a few minutes this sweet quiet voice (and she is NEVER quiet!) says "Mama, will you sing to me and Daddy?"  Melt.My.Heart!

On the way to visit family, we were watching 101 Dalmatians and she starts laughing "He's going so fast and won't stop!" (when Pongo is trying to get his human to meet Perdita's human in the park)  Then we hear "This is the funniest movie EVER!" 

At church the other day I was singing in praise team along with another one of our friends who has red, curly hair (pictured above).  K was sitting with David (because she likes to watch when Mommy sings).  She said "Look, there's mommy!  And look, Daddy!  It's Strawberry Shortcake!"  I told Deann that she should definitely take that as a compliment!
Shopping for Christmas presents in a local store, K was looking at all the jewelry.  She found one that she really liked and yells "Ooo lah lah!"  Not sure WHERE she heard that but it has become a favorite phrase!
The other day after ballet, I put some new leg warmers on K because it was cold outside.  David then proceeded to start calling her warm legs.  She really latched on and then decided we needed new names.  So, David became Hubby and I became Wifey.  Now, K will randomly start talking to us and use those names.  If you talk to her as "K" if she has called you Wifey or Hubby she promptly corrects us: "No!  I am Warm Legs!"  I think this could be her Indian name next year at pow-wow at school.  Though "Babbling Brook" might be more appropriate!  :-)
The last thing for this installment is funny to me.  She is fascinated by buses!  Every morning on the way to school, if she sees a bus she just starts yelling "Mama, mama!  Look what I see! A bus!!!!"  And she does this for EVERY bus we see...totaling at least six every morning.  And if I didn't see if she says "Well, I'm glad you saw the first one.  I wish you saw that one.  I'm sorry you didn't see it!"  I think this child will want to ride the bus, though I'm not sure this Mama is too thrilled about how early elementary schools pick kids up.  What's up with that anyway?!
So thankful for my little K-girl and her Daddy! 

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