Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weeks 32-33

Not too much to say over the past couple of weeks except that I'm pretty sure Caleb is growing!  My tummy has definitely grown, though I was still able to wear a non-maternity dress to church today. 

I had a visit to my doctor this week and she said that everything looks great.  We should have one more ultrasound to check growth in 2-3 weeks.  Excited about that!  I actually wore the same outfit that day that I wore at 19 weeks.  Um...a little different, huh?!

Wednesday, we registered Kate for Kindergarten.  She is so excited!  We read a Berenstain Bear book about school tonight and actually got her in bed early.  Hope she sleeps well.

Friday we had family/maternity pictures made by Emily Brandt.  She was great with Kate...and, oh my goodness...we got a preview today of the pictures and I am SO excited about them.  Love them and can't wait to see more!  She has a great plan and was wonderful to work with.  HIGHLY recommend her!

Due Date: September 25, 2014  
How Far Along: 33 weeks 3 days
Fruit/Veggie: honeydew melon, pineapple, cabbage  - 17-19 inches, 4-4.5 pounds
Gender: It's a BOY!  
Exercise: Still exercising almost daily.  However, it's a LOT harder!  I've slowed down some and can't do somethings.  Tonight I was doing a Jillian Michaels' video that I've memorized...but was having trouble doing some of the things like the warm up that is twisting down to touch your toes and doing a circular "kick over the chair."  Yeah...doesn't work so well anymore!

Sleep: I'm pretty consistently up at least 2-3 times a night.  Thankfully, I fall asleep almost immediately upon getting back in bed.  The only problem is if we are awakened by Kate.  I think it's harder to fall back asleep because I am startled awake instead of just wake up.  Hopefully she won't continue this!  On the other hand, I have decided that this is God's way of preparing moms for baby.  I wake up pretty much on a schedule every 2-3 hours.

Cravings: I really don't have cravings right now though I'm still ENJOYING breakfast stuff and ice cream.  I'm actually having a hard time planning menus because I don't really want anything.

What I love: Feeling and watching the baby move! Our family pictures.  Saw proofs on four today and I'm in LOVE with them.  I can't wait to see them all...and for our newborn session!  I'm also enjoying not feeling guilty about eating ice cream...though I do try to not eat TOO often!

What I miss: turning over in bed easily, moving easily, going full out at the gym

What I'm looking forward to: BUYING furniture for the house and nursery (pretty sure we know what we want!), a couple more showers, seeing our family pictures...and Kate starting KINDERGARTEN tomorrow!  BIG DAY!

What I'm thankful for:  My sweet husband, always taking care of me.  A healthy pregnancy. That Kate is excited about school.  Finally deciding to get pictures made and doing it. 

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