Friday, August 22, 2014

This is when I was Born

So, this past week I surpassed my mom when she delivered me!  I was delivered at 35 weeks.  I also had my last weekend of call at work before going out on maternity leave.  Let me just say, it was a doozy!  I think I got paged in the middle of the night every night and Sunday was just plain crazy!  I was so glad when Monday at 8am came.  No more pager....but hello baby call.  :-)

Sunday afternoon, I had a baby shower from my Sunday School class.  It was really nice.  Several of the girls from class came and some other ladies in church were invited as well.  Kate went and played with her friends while we chatted and opened presents.  I got lots of useful items, some cute clothes, and a stroller.  We were a little taken aback when we found that it wasn't a five point restraint system; however, it does have the infant click system and is a lightweight stroller.  So, I think we're going to keep it.  It is really nice as it is one hand close, rolls easily and steers well.  I like it!

I had my doctor visit on Tuesday and everything seems to be going well.  I don't have another visit for 2 weeks.  I thought for sure it would be 1 week now but I guess not!  So, next visit is at 35 and 5.  Wow!  At that point, I'll have 1.5 weeks of work left.  My little man needs to stay put for at least 3 weeks.  I think we can make it, don't you?!

Tuesday night, Kate started acrodance and seemed to really like it.  I hope she does.  I can't figure out if she'll end up doing dance or gymnastics as she dances all over but was treating her bed like uneven bars the other night.  Who knows!  Wednesday we had church with children's choir starting back.  Then last night I went to a consignment sale where I got both kids (!) some fall and winter clothes.  I am EXHAUSTED!!!  I think that Kate and I will likely go back tomorrow for the half price sale.

Due Date: September 25, 2014  
How Far Along: 35 weeks 1 day
Fruit/Veggie: honeydew melon, bunch of carrots,   - 17-20 inches, 5.25-5.5 pounds
Gender: It's a BOY!  
Exercise: Still exercising almost daily.  I'm definitely slower, have trouble bending over, and doing knee pulls. 

Sleep: This week has not been a great sleep week.  I have woken up most nights three times.  Thursday night I woke up 5-6 times over 6.5 hours.  ugh!  I can nap great.  Hoping for a good one tomorrow!

Cravings: Um...not really anything.  Eating is hard now. I don't really crave much and sometimes eating is just unpleasant.  I'd still say breakfast with cereal as an added pleasant thing...and ice cream!  Really just cold stuff.  It's hot!

What I love: Feeling and watching the baby move! We got all of our family pictures this week and I LOVE them!!!  Can't wait to pick some out and order them.  :-)  Kate is loving acrodance, church and school. It just makes me happy to see her happy and thriving.  David and I mentioned that we really like our new furniture tonight, especially the chair and a half! 

What I miss: turning over in bed easily, having energy, not being tired, going full out at the gym, knowing what I want to eat (though David would say I never do anyway!)

What I'm looking forward to:  work shower on Monday, a cookout with friends on Saturday

What I'm thankful for:  My sweet husband, always taking care of me.  A healthy pregnancy. Being able to set up house - new furniture! 

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