Thursday, January 09, 2014

Party #2

The day after our Sunday School party, we were supposed to have a Christmas party with the pediatric dental folks from the hospital; we had even told K we were going.  Unfortunately, David was really tired and I was indifferent, so we ended up going home.  K was upset but got over it very quickly (I can't remember why but there was something that helped!).  The next party was my pediatric neurology party.  It was held at one of the other doc's house.  K fell asleep on the way over there but quickly bounced back and, of course, was asking for food as soon as we walked in the door!  I think hers was the first plate fixed. 
Then she proceeded to sit at this big ottoman and eat...forget that all the other kids were upstairs playing.  This girl is serious about her food, regardless of if it's pizza or raw veggies! 
Dr. Parker, Mrs. Evans and baby John Harmon watched over K.  Then I shared a cookie with my girl and she was off to play. 
We just kind of mingled the rest of the night.  Ended up with a gift card for a dinner out (YES!!!) and took some fun pictures with my love by the tree. 
K fell asleep within 5 minutes of leaving.  Hint to mamas out there - take pajamas with you, then you don't have to wake sleeping babies when you get home.  Thankfully, I had already packed for our trip to Alabama - at least for K.  We got home and I packed me and David and he loaded the car.  But, before we took off for celebration with David's family, we had one more party to attend...and K would FINALLY get to meet Santa!

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This girl is serious about her food, regardless of if it's pizza or raw veggies.........
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