Friday, May 03, 2013

The First Look and Us

So, after Daddy saw me it was off for my love's first look!  Yes, we saw each other before the wedding.  I think it was super special and made everything less stressful.  Can I just say, even seeing each other before, when I saw David at the end of the aisle it was still exciting.  Once again, Robby did a fantastic job!
I love this series...first a look of anxiety, then a smile (he can hear me coming)
then I'm there,
and then the first look!
I was so excited...and wanted a kiss...'s probably illegal...but we kissed anyway!
:-)  Then there was more dress checking
...and sweet nothings!
Then Robby went to work on some outdoor portraits (there are more coming at our reception venue!)
Then it was inside for pictures with the wedding party and our families!  The beginning of a perfect day!

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