Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Getting Ready

Almost two months ago, David and I got married.  How can it have been that long ago?!!  I did a few posts about the day a few (yes, a few!) posts about the wedding.  First off, I want to give credit for the photographs to my WONDERFUL photographer Robby Followell of Followell Fotography.  He is great at capturing the day...the whole thing.  However, he not only takes pictures, he gets to know you, makes everything personal.  FANTASTIC!  I highly recommend him (and his great wife, Jess!). Check out some of his other work here...if you look far enough, you'll see the post about our wedding along with some engagement shots, too.  :-)

After the rehearsal dinner, I went back to my apartment.  I had kicked my parents out for the night so I could just relax and have one last sleep by myself.  I slept be expected.  Then got up the next morning and actually sent out an e-mail to work (got fussed at by my co-workers for that but it really only took 5 seconds!).  After that I just relaxed until time to go to the church to get ready.  I was the second to arrive, Mama was first.  Then we went in and got busy!  I started with my make-up...even putting eyeliner on my bottom lids.  :-)
In the meantime, Sarah and Sarah were steaming my dress and veil.  The dress was new, the veil was the under portion of Mama's veil when she and Daddy got married. (something new, something old (one of them)
Then Kenna, my brother's wife, started on my hair.  I didn't really want to go to a salon to have my hair done...just not me.  So, I found some styles that I liked on Pinterest, did some trials at home and picked one.  Then Kenna did it...for the first time that day!  It looked perfect!
In the meantime, the guys were busy getting ready, too!  Working on buttons, cufflinks, and putting vests and bowties on!
Once Kenna finished my hair, it was time to put on THE dress!  This was the dress that I had been eying since David and I started talking about getting married....but I was convinced it wouldn't look good. was the one!  I knew it when I put it on. did have lots of buttons!
Patiently waiting for buttons to be buttoned.  :-)  Love this pic.  It shows my first ring from David and my last ring from my Daddy.
A few more finishing touches!  The garter...that mama made (something blue)
Shoes (that were SO hard to find!  Everything was true ivory rather than I went silverish) and blue toes
And a pearl bracelet that is Mama's (something borrowed)
The finished picture?  Just after mama put on the veil. She likes...I like...
Then Daddy came to see.  I must admit...I cried!  Thankfully, no one got a picture of it from the front (I can't pretty cry!).  Daddy likes! see my groom.  Sooooo excited!
Will he like?

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