Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simple Salad

Just a quick post for ARF Tuesday. This salad is one that I often make to take to the hospital for lunch and I've discovered that, for some reason, I enjoy it more out of my tupperware container. Go figure! I love the tart, sweetness of the apples combines with the saltiness of turkey and the added exotic taste of the hummus. All around it's a wonderful, healthy and satisfying lunch. I've also done it with leftover chicken and it's good that way as well. Workday Salad
romaine lettuce
apple, cut
turkey, cut
feta/goat cheese
tomatoes, cut (if available)
dressing (Italian, balsamic vinegar, raspberry vinegarette, etc)
Put lettuce/spinach on bottom of plate. Add the remaining ingredients (and more if you like. Carrots, strawberries, blueberries, and onions are great additions as well!) with dressing either right before you eat or leave the house for work. Enjoy with triscuits, pita chips, or fresh bread.


Jane said...

Mmmmmm....I love a good salad.
And I just made hummus for the very first time a few weeks ago.
I wouldn't have thought to put it in a salad. I bet that's good.

Anonymous said...

claire. that salad looks fabulous. i am a HUGe fan of hummus. mmm.

Laura Dawkins

Unknown said...

Jane - We made hummus last weekend when I was at home but something was missing. We can't figure out what it was. I'll have to try here and see what I can do to remedy that!

Laura!!! So glad you stopped in. I love all your little trinkets that you posted about. Hummus is the best, isn't it!

Jane said...

Was it Tahini (sp?) sauce?
I couldn't find it anywhere. Nor could I find bulk sesame seeds to just make it myself. But I did find some recipes online that didn't call for Tahini sauce, so I figured it was ok. We liked it pretty much (well, except my dh), but I had never had it before so I didn't have anything to compare it too.

Lore said...

That's one delicious salad! I love those pita chips.