Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quirky Jerky - EDITED

Tomorrow I take my United States Medical Licensure Exam Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (USMLE Step2 CK for short!). Through studying for boards, I prepared for this AND I've been studying for the past two weeks....SO I am quite ready for it to be done with. I've stopped studying for the night and have decided to resond to a meme. Yes, I've been tagged. Jane tagged me to let you in on 6 quirks that I have. Here are the rules:Link the person who tagged you.Mention the rules in your blog.Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.Tag a new set of six bloggers by linking them. Now to the quirks!

Let's see, this is kind of hard! I'm sure if my family was here, they could come up with some pretty easily!

1. I don't like spur of the moment things. I mean, I used to be REALLY bad! At one time, if I had packed a lunch but someone asked me if I wanted to go get lunch, I seriously couldn't handle it! I would just cringe inside and say "I don't Knooowww." I mean, I had already planned to have the such and such that I brought, right?! NOW, I'm not that bad anymore. I can do spur of the moment lunches...but I'd rather have things planned!

2. I don't like avacados but I like guacamole...even the kind with just avacado, lemon juice, and yogurt. Don't ask, I don't know!

3. I have to have the fan (unfortunately, not a ceiling fan...a little white one that sits on my desk) on to sleep. Apparently, I'm so aware of it that one night when our power went out, I woke up and thought "Something is not right" (Anyone recognize where that comes from? If not, I'll clue you in at the end of the post!) Then I realized that the fan wasn't on and turned over to see if my clock was on.

4. If I sit in the back seat of a car, I have to sit on the driver's side. I don't know why, but when I sit on the other side I feel out of place and am more prone to feel car sick.

5. I am a rules person. If I've been told not to do something, I get extremely uncomfortable doing it. (Not that this is a bad thing, sometimes I'm just a bit too rigid) For instance, my first year in medical school, after Hurricane Katrina, a group of my classmates decided to go on an "adventure." They picked me up...without telling me what we were doing and started driving. I figured out where we were going and wasn't thrilled. Imagine my delight when we arrive at our destination, a state park, and see road blocks and signs saying "DO NOT ENTER!" Oh, darn...we can't go. RIGHT...the driver drove AROUND the signs. I mean, I was freaking out, near tears. Then they decide to go to the OLD church on the ground and explore the cemetary. I WOULD NOT go! I had just read a book about a murder that had taken place (fictional mind you!) in that cemetary (Deep South by Nevada Barr...great, you should read it). Then they want to cross a tree bridge to explore the abandoned town...NO! I refused to go, so no one went. I'm such a party pooper!

6. My mom reminded me of one when I was at home this past weekend...I talk to cars! I don't have road rage, but if someone does something stupid or is in the way, etc. I talk to them. Sometimes, I'll even be on the phone and say "WHAT are you doing?" My mom says, "What do you mean?" Then my response..."Oh, I was just talking to a car!" Hmmmm....

Don't think I'll tag anyone, I'm too tired to think of people to tag right now! Gotta go get some rest for my test tomorrow! :-)

The answer to the quote...It's from Madeline books! Miss Clavele always woke from her sleep, sat straight up in bed and said, "Something is not right!" :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're taking your Step 2 early (I'm not taking mine until Dec/Jan). Good luck!

Peabody said...

MUCH luck tomorrow Claire!

Red Dirt Mummy said...

Lot and Lots of Luck, Claire. I'm think ing of you!

gail@more than a song said...

I hope your test went well!

Kiki A.Ortiz said...

Yeiiiiiii!best of luck!
Bless u!!

Jane said...

great quirks!
Hey, I hope your tests went well!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the exam. I know you will do well!

Jane said...

Oh Claire! I forgot about Madeline books! I loved those when I was a girl!
(& I talk to cars too. LOL)

Unknown said...

Crystal - We've been told it's best to go ahead and take it. Hope all your preparation goes well. When are you taking CS? I take that in August.

Peabody - Thanks! It's done now.

RDM - Thanks so much.

Gail - It's over...that all I can say right now!

Kiki - Yeiiii is right! Done now, though.

Kate - Thanks! I hope I did.

Jane - I mean, isn't talking to inanimate objects fun! :_)