Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mexican in a Minute

Well, maybe a few minutes but still quickly!  David and K both LOVE Mexican.  I like it, too but usually not the same form as they do.  The thing about Mexican is that is can be super quick if you need it to be...which is helpful on the days when I have clinic all day.  This day, I decided to make quesadillas on our Le Cruest grill pan. 

We've done this before but I decided to change things up a little by adding refried beans.  The good thing about this that you can tailor it for each person's taste.  On David's and K's I put beans, chicken (Tyson grilled strips - nice occasionally for convenience sake), cooked peppers and onions, and cheese.
  On mine, I put MORE refried beans, peppers and onions, and cheese.  Enjoyed with some salsa for dipping it was a great quick dinner.
Minute Quesadillas
grilled chicken strips/chunks
grilled peppers/onions
refried beans

Preheat grill pan so that it is HOT.  Spray with cooking oil.  Put tortilla on pan then top with the fillings you want.  Fold tortilla over and place grill top on to keep the tortilla folded.  Cook until cheese is melted and tortilla "marked."  Enjoy with salsa and sour cream.

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