Friday, August 09, 2013

Flowers and Other "Stuff"

When we started planning our wedding, I wanted pretty flowers but didn't really mind if it wasn't extravagant.  Talk about sticker shock...when you combine flowers, reception, food, flowers...YIKES!  However, we found a GREAT caterer/florist who will do everything if you want her to.  To add to it all, Wendy has such a confidence about what she plans that you just can't help but trust her. 
In our first meeting, I showed her some of my "pinned" ideas.  She would point to some, "! Love!"  Then would say "I mean, you can do whatever you want, but we will not be doing that.  Never!"  Which I absolutely LOVED!  I had no clue what I was doing and needed guidance.  When I went in to that first meeting, I knew I wanted tulips for my bouquet but that was about it.
I thought I wanted white flowers for the bridesmaids, but as you will see, that is SO not what we did.  And I am SO glad!
I found this hot pink anemone that I loved and Wendy pulled everything around that flower to make some AWESOME floral arrangements. 
We'll talk about the food later...but this is a sampling along with one of the floral arrangements at the reception! 
She also did K's pomander and flower crown. :-)

The other thing we had to do was programs.  I pinned several things I liked and my mom showed them to one of her friends who is a graphic designer.  Hannah then gave us several options and we picked what we liked.  They were GREAT! 
I had just what I wanted for invitations, programs, and thank you notes.  So, now we have everyone invited and ready for a wedding.....

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