Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nacho, Nacho Man!

This girl is really excited! In just a few minutes I will leave with my friend to go see the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Jesus Christ Superstar." SO excited. But before I leave, I want to tell you a story: One cold February day, after a very late breakfast, a boy walked up to his mom and moaned "What's for lunch." She and her daughter made several suggestions...grilled cheese, soup, leftover pizza...none of this pleased the boy. He was inconsolable..."What's for lunch" he moaned. As he and his mom stood at the pantry door, his eyes landed on some refried beans..."Nachos!" He pulled out the chips from the bag as his mom sliced some tomatoes. Next he spooned some refried beans into each chip...very meticulously! Following the beans went some taco meat (which him mom had very smartly frozen from a previous meal. Then some cheese, both the processed variety, melted, and the sliced variety. Then jalapenos and tomatoes...seems like this boy has done this before! Into the oven they went until the cheese was melted and warm! Now the boy doesn't like many extras, but his mom and dad added some sour cream to theirs...seems like the perfect Saturday snunch (that would be snack and lunch combined...what else can you call it when you eat at 3:30?!). He was proud of himself and all enjoyed his efforts! A few weeks later, he turned 23...Happy Birthday, Philip!

Philip's Nachos
1 bag tortilla chips (scoops work well)
1 can refried beans
1 cup (or more) left over taco meat
several cherry tomatoes, sliced
velveeta cheese, melted
jalapeno cheese, torn

Place chips on a baking sheet. Put beans in chips. Sprinkle taco meat over beans. Place jalapenos on meat. Place tomatoes on chips. Pour melted cheese over chips. Place torn jalapeno cheese over chips. Bake in 350 (guessing) degree oven until cheese is melted and nachos are warm. Enjoy!

Obviously, you can tailor this to your tastes by adding or removing or modifying ingredients.


Katrina said...

We love nachos here!

In Definition said...

this post should not go unnoticed!!! looks delicious!!!!!!!!

Jane said...

We love nachos here!
Happy Birthday to your brother.

Treehouse Chef said...

OMGosh this looks good! Can't wait to try it--------this weekend!