Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Omlete

One of my favorite easy meals to make is omelets! You can just pull together some veggies heat them up, put some eggs in, add cheese and top with whatever sauce you want...viola, a healthy, delicious, and comforting dinner. One time when I went home, I pulled out my dad's new pan and made one...oh my, this pan was awesome! So, when Christmas came, it was the only thing on my list. Let's just say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's a picture of my first omelet from my new pan!
Spinach and mushroom Omlete
handful of spinach
handful of mushrooms
1 egg
egg whites (I use the store brand), just eye-balled
goat cheese/feta

In pan, saute spinach and mushrooms until wilted and soft. While doing this, whisk the egg and egg whites together with the seasoning. When ready, pour over the cooked vegetables. Sprinkle cheese on top. Cook on medium heat. As the eggs cook, slide a spatula under the side of the eggs and allow uncooked eggs to flow to the bottom of the pan. Continue cooking until the visible portion of the eggs is no longer runny but still soft. Flip one half over the other. Allow to cook for one more minute. Remove to plate and place salsa along side for dipping.


Pearl said...

that omelette looks great! i've never made one before, so thank you for the instructions!

Erica said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I love eggs- especially for dinner. Great cheap way to get some protein in. I always use the egg whites too.

Red Dirt Mummy said...

That looks delicious! And I've already had my dinner LOL. My kids love 'eggs on toast' no matter how the eggs are cooked.

Peabody said...

I always get impatient and just end up making a scramble. :)

ben said...

mm just made it with what i had left in the fridge, cooked 2 burgers and sliced them up, flash cooked some corgette, thinly sliced carrott and courgette. done :) that and a pint of cider. yum.