Saturday, October 01, 2016

Lake Party

The first weekend of August, we had our traditional Sunday School lake party.  The adult guys build a GIANT slip and slide into the lake, we have food, and the kids just run around and have fun. 
It's a great day of fellowship.  When we got there, the kids were already on the slide and Kate jumped right in.
 I slathered Caleb in sunscreen and David took him over to slide. 
Yes, we brought his puddle jumper; yes, I totally forgot to put it on.  Caleb really didn't want to go but he went anyway.  They finally got moving and Caleb was ok...but then they got a little push from behind and, instead of stopping and the little flat part, they flew into the lake...with Caleb stuck between David's calves!!!!
 Somehow, David got Caleb before they went in and held him up high; the guys grabbed him so David could steady himself. 
Caleb was NOT a happy camper.  We came up to the top of the hill and he happily played in the kiddie pool.
He had lots of fun playmates, too! 

Later, he and Kate found a HUGE dog.
 I decided it was time for ME to go down the slide with Caleb and Kate. 
Needless to say, Caleb was a bit upset about this idea.  I got us going and successfully stopped at the flat portion. 
It was fun but Caleb was ready to go back to the safety of the baby pool. 
Kate did some sliding with the float
...and floating as well. 
By that point, Caleb was pretty shot! 
We left soon after and both kids fell asleep on the way home...and Caleb slept for 2.5 more hours after we got home.

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