Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Music Camp and TN Birthday

So, Kate went with Allie and Doc to TN for music camp.  She had a great time and learned to play the piano and tried violin and xylophone.

  We went up there for her performance and had Kate-O and Granddaddy join us for the performance. 
We were so proud of her and her participation and learning all these songs!  Granddaddy and Kate-O also brought some birthday presents for Kate, and we got to enjoy a little party.  
We had cupcakes,
which Kate and Caleb both enjoyed...
until they were gone!
Kate had lots of fun opening her presents
and then enjoyed playing with them before her performance.
The next day, we had doc's pancakes and then Kate and Caleb had a blast playing in the box
 and doing sommersaults before we went home.
 It was a quick but fun trip!

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