Saturday, September 17, 2016

July 4th Celebration

Last year, I thought Caleb was too young to go to July 4th celebration.  So, David took Kate by herself.  (Seems so strange to see Caleb with a paci in his mouth now!  We took it away a few weeks after this)

This year, we all went.  Kate, of course, had fun with the jumpy things. 
She even tried her hand at the spinny, take-you-down thingy.  She was a pretty smart girl and came up with her own method of success (i.e., not being knocked out!). 
We also got to spend a little time with this pretty girl and her mama! 
When we got back to our spot, Caleb had been playing with Mrs. Melissa and Daddy.  He was having a blast. 

We decided to go get a Sno Biz to cool off before fireworks. 
Kate enjoyed hers and Caleb shared with Mama and Daddy. 

I think he was a fan.  He was NOT, however, a fan of the fireworks!  He kept his head buried (after I got him to calm down) the whole time, refusing to even look at the fireworks. 
He loves them now and wants to watch the "lights" on video a lot.  Kate enjoyed them but didn't stop talking the ENTIRE fireworks show. 
I'm trying to decide if it was entertaining or not!  We had a great time.

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