Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kate's 6th Birthday

Kate turned 6 this year.  I can't believe how grown she is getting.  Comparing pictures from last year to this year is just crazy - she looked like such a baby just a year ago.
 She has grown over three inches and her feet had a HUGE growth spurt, almost skipping an entire size.  She is doing great in first grade and has a new love for writing and reading.  She still loves to cook and loves playing outside.  She hasn't really latched onto any certain extracurricular activity - which is fine but a little too "jumpy" for me.  Ha!  She is also very compassionate and wants to help other people.  She loves to laugh and smile and sing.  She loves her brother so much and is the sweetest sister to him.  We are so thankful for her tender and gentle and giving heart.

 She decided that she wanted a Jasmine party this year.
 Again - why does my family pick themes that has no/limited ideas for food and decor out there?!  Hat for Caleb and Jasmine for Kate.  Alas!  We had her party at the same place as last year and the kids just played and played.
 Kate spent the week prior to her birthday in AL, and Kate-O brought her back and stayed for the party.
It was so much fun!  Kate got lots of fun gifts but one super cute thing was this card Luke made for her.  So sweet are those long-time friends!
For snacks, I made magic carpet sandwich rolls (which ended up being a hit!).  It was just soft sandwich flatbread spread with cream cheese and with carrots out the end.
We also had cheese, hummus and carrots, and grapes.  Kate wanted marble cake.  So, I decided that was appropriate due to Jasmine's tiger Raja.
 I decorated it as the Genie.  Not exactly how I wanted it to look but not too shabby.
Such fun to celebrate birthdays with friends and family.  Happy birthday ( a little late) sweet Kate!

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Unknown said...

You did good Claire! Better late than never!