Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fresh is BEST!

Over Thanksgiving, my brother really wanted to go to the Russian restaurant we found.  However, his wife and I both didn't feel like driving the hour and 20 minutes to get are not our friends!  Anyway, Philip decided that he wanted ribs.  So, after shopping, we went and got some ribs at a local restaurant.  When we got home, he said he wanted fries to go with them.....ooops, no fries!  So, he and Kenna made some.

  After he made them and I tasted them, I had memories of Daddy making them when I was little.  Let me just tell you...homemade fries are SO much better than the frozen variety...and they are really simple.  You just cut your potatoes into the size and shape that you want, season them, and fry them.  Not sure what oil we used, but I know that peanut oil is a good frying oil because of the high smoke point. 

You can flick some water or flour into the oil to check it for being ready to fry.  If it sizzles they it's ready.  Check out these beauties! 

Homemade Fries
potatoes, cut into size and shape you want
oil, for frying

Heat oil in a large, thick pot or frying pan.  Meanwhile, cut potatoes into wedges.  Season with whatever seasonings you like.  You can even use some flour.  To test oil, flick some flour into it.  If it sizzles and bubbles you're ready to fry.  Place the potatoes into the hot oil.  Allow to cook until golden brown.  Pull out with a slotted spoon and place on paper towels to drain.  You might want to add extra seasoning when you do this.  Enjoy!

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