Saturday, August 22, 2009

Randomness with Some Food

Question: Does anyone know how (or if) Blogger will let you respond to your comments through e-mail? I try to post responses in my comment section but know that some people who I want to respond to don't necessarily come back looking for my response.

Fun wedding reception item: I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and they had a dessert reception. They had chocolate ganache balls (I didn't really like these), cheesecake, biscotti, brownies and ice cream, brides cake (of course), fruit, cheese, and these PRECIOUS parfaits. I thought the were too cute to pass up a picture of. What a perfect summer dessert. This was made with whipped cream but you could totally make these super easy by using cool whip. :-)A few days ago, LisaMichele gave me such a sweet blog award...The Lovely Blog award. Apparently, this comes from having a positive attitude in your blogging...which I'm not so sure I always do but appreciate it nonetheless. So, here are my awards...and you guys follow with 13 other people who deserve the award!
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Finally, I went home last week (and do have the BEST banana bread coming for you) and we tried out a new restaurant called Pei Wei. It's kind of a bistro P.F Chang's and was very good. I had Vietnamese chicken salad wraps, which were delicious. Mama had Mongolian chicken (that had yummy mushrooms in it) and Daddy had Mandarin Kung Pau, which was pretty good and not too spicy. Try this place out if you've got one near you. They even have the famous lettuce wraps that PF Chang makes.


Abby said...

Aww. You're too sweet! Those are adorably parfaits, too.

You can reply to commenters usually IF they leave their email address. Most people don't seem to.

And re: your comment. Glad everyone liked them! Weren't they (Mud Hens) SUPER easy to make?!

Megan said...

Thanks for the award! And, I agree. The parfaits are great! I may actually be able to "cook" those! Ha!

Katrina said...

Thanks for the blog award!!!
One of my husband's favorite places to eat is PeiWei. Bummer for him, the closest one here is almost an hour away.
With the little parfaits, what is the bottom part made with? They do look cute and yummy.
Thanks again for the award.

sarah (SHU) said...

thank you darling! what a cool thing to wake up to.

Red Dirt Mummy said...

Awww... thanks for the award. That's very sweet of you.

Re: your question about email replies - if the people who'd like a reply mark the box below the comment section, follow up comments can be emailed straight to them (did you follow that? The explanation got kind a confusing!). The other thing you could do is add an email button to your blog so people can email you directly if they have a question, then you'd be able to email them back. I'm going to add one but I'm planning to set up a specific RDM email account so that random strangers don't have my personal email.

Cate O'Malley said...

Oh, thanks so much! Can't wait for the banana bread recipe! Always looking for a new one. ;)

In Definition said...

aw. thanks, claire. cute idea!!!

girl. those parfaits were so adorable. that's a really good idea for a party!

Maria said...

I love the parfaits. Great summer dessert!

The JR said...

Those are cute parfaits. I want some of that chinese food. Looks good.

Susan @ SGCC said...

I was never able to respond to comments via email when I was on Blogger. I'd have to go searching for email addresses on each person's profile and it took forever! That's one of the reasons I switched to WP. Much easier!

Love your parfaits!

Unknown said...

Abby - I guess I just tend to leave the answer here unless it's a very specific question, then I put it on their blog. I just thought there might be an easier way to do it!

Megan - :-) You could totally make these parfaits...though I have a feeling that most guys would probably need something more than that for dessert!

Katrina - Sure! You're closer than I am...closest one is three hours away from me. :-) I'm pretty sure the parfaits were just strawberries, whipped cream, and blueberries.

Sarah - You are welcome! I like making the morning better if I can. :-)

RDM- That's a good idea about the e-mail account...I have too many accounts as it is already!

Cate - I'm putting up the banana bread recipe next!

Laura - It would totally be a fun party dessert...especially an appetizer party.

Ramona - Thanks! The food was good. I don't eat Chinese much but do enjoy it.

Maria - Thanks. Wonderful for summer is right.

Susan - I think I'm stuck! id ont' want to take the time to switch...and I don't have it either. :-)