Friday, August 07, 2009

Cake and claire(fontaine)

One of my favorite things to do is make breakfast treats and take them to Sunday School. I decided to do this one week during my wards month because I was done early on Saturday and really wanted to bake! So, I pulled out my (not so) organized recipe binder and looked for a good pound cake recipe. I love the crusty parts on pound cake. The one I found, which my mom has said is really good, was Mrs. Taylor Sour Cream Pound Cake. I decided to add some strawberries to the mix. The bad thing about making this cake....I help in the college Sunday School and college is out! So, we don't have many students right now AND we have doughnuts each week. Tell many college students are going to choose homemade strawberry pound cake over doughnuts? Not many! :-) Oh, well. The cake ended up being VERY moist and soft without giving quite the crusty top that I like. It was still very should try sometime! Just be more careful than I when removing it from the pan...The top broke apart in one place! And speaking of organization, if you like to take notes on things and enjoy fun, high quality notebooks check out the great giveaway of Clairefontaine products (with some Orla and Rhodia thrown in) hosted by Sarah, another pediatric resident in the blog world! So, enter her contest, though I think I should win because the product has my name in it!, and make this cake! :-) Mrs. Taylor's Sour Cream Cake with Strawberries
1 cup shortening (or 2 sticks butter)
1/2 pint sour cream (I used low fat)
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla
dash salt
1-1 1/2 cups cut strawberries
1/2 cup chopped pecans with 2 teaspoons sugar and 1 teaspoon cinnamon

Cream shortening and sugar together. Add eggs and vanilla. Fold in dry ingredients then fold in sour cream. Fold in strawberries.* Grease and flour tube pan. Pour into pan.

*If using nuts and sugar mixture pour half batter into pan, sprinkle pecan mixture on top and the pour remaining batter on top.*

Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees F. Let stand in pan until cool.


Lisa said...

NOt only am I making your cake (yet another bookmark), but the addition of vanilla bean, in lieu of the extract, is something I'd love to add, plus, so many beautiful berries in bounty now. The possibilities are endless! Love a good sour cream cake (strawberries and sour cream used be an after school snack as a kid), and yours looks soo tasty! BTW LOL@ college student's palates being donut 'trained' :)

Peabody said...

Oh I always love a sour cream cake. Mmmm, looks good Claire!

Elle said...

Strawberries and sour cream in a can donuts be better than that? Looks lucious!

Big Boys Oven said...

just awesome! nice color too!

Lisa said...

I'm back again, and drooling at the thought of making this cake! However, I'm here for another reason. I have a little 'something' for you :D You can grab it here:

Just scroll to the bottom of that entry!

The JR said...

I would have chosen the cake. But, I'm not a college kid. Bet it was great.

Abby said...

I love any cake with sour cream - they are THE tastiest.

Unknown said...

Lisa - I bet vanilla bean would be great. You're right...possibilities go on and on!

Peabody - Thanks! It was softer than I expected but delicious.

Elle - I don't know...ask the college students!

BBO - :-) Thanks!

Lisa - So glad you're back. I'm checking it out soon! Thanks SOOO much!

Ramona - I'm glad someone would have taken the cake. :-)

Abby - So they are...and add yummy berries and they get better.