Friday, April 10, 2009

A Fiesta in Your Mouth

Remember those nachos that Philip created awhile back? Well, I think I was inspired by the refried beans! Last week I created a yummy Mexican pizza. It's pretty simple and makes for a healthy dinner. The tortilla I used is one of the La Tortilla Factory tortillas. I used the whole wheat version but the herb and garlic would be good, too. This even provides its own crunch as the edges of the tortilla crisp up in the toaster oven. The only thing, well only TWO things, that would have made this better would be black olives (which I bought at Target tonight!) and sour cream (or Greek yogurt). You can even customize to your tastes...add what you like, take off what you don't. If you like your Mexican spicy, add some jalapenos. If you like that strong taste but not spicy, add some green chiles. If you just HAVE to have meat, add some browned ground beef...grilled chicken would be good, too! Just make a fiesta in your mouth! Mexican Pizza

1 tortilla refried beans
roasted bell pepper
roasted onion
sliced tomatoes

Spread refried beans on tortilla. Place onions and peppers on top of beans. Place tomatoes on top of this. Sprinkle cheese over all. If you want to add something different, I'd probably put it under the cheese. If adding meat, I'd put it on top of the beans. Once dressed the way you want it (no sombreros, please!), place the tortilla on a pan and toast in a toaster oven (or bake in an oven until cheese is nice and bubbly! Serve with salsa and sour cream. Kiwis go well with this.


Pearl said...

oh mmm :)

Lisa said...

Here I am blog surfing, craving Mexican food, FOR REAL, and boom, here it is! It looks so much so, I'm tempted to go out now, at 2:30 am, and get the ingredients!!

Jamie said...

Hi! Followed your blog over from Kate's Kitchen and this pizza looks so delicious! Could be a great change from the Italian pizza I regularly make! Yum!

eatme_delicious said...

Yumm Mexican pizza - great creation!

B Nettles said...

No sombreros? I think you could add some Tostitos scoops (cup side inverted) and that would look like small sombreros.

gail@more than a song said...

Yum! Your tortillas look thicker than the ones I use; my whole wheat ones are fairly thin and not sure they'd work.

Cate said...

It's 10 am and you have my mouth watering for this now. I think I may even have all the ingredients on hand...

Unknown said...

Pearl - :-)

Lisa - Oh my! So sorry...hope I didn't sabotage anything.

Jamie - It is a fun change and a perfect fix for the Mexican craving people often get.

EMD - Thanks.

Daddy - Ha! That would be one BIG bill on the sombrero!

Gail - I use the whole wheat La Tortilla factory version...they firm up a bit when you toast them so they don't flop too badly.

cate - Oooo...I hope you do have them. They're a perfect lunch.