Sunday, January 25, 2009

Super Bowl Snack

Only a week left...I'm so excited! This morning, I started teaching Sunday School in our college department. I'm really excited about this. But, next Sunday we are having a Super Bowl party. I plan on making something sweet (haven't decided what yet), maybe a dip, and these yummy pinwheels that I created a few years ago. If you like muffulettas, then you will really enjoy these. They have a simple olive salad, ham, and cheese, all rolled together in crescent rolls. I've posted these before, but after almost three years, I think they deserve another posting! After I make them, if I get better pictures, I'll add them here. Since this is such a good recipe for the Super Bowl, I'm entering this in Recipe Girl's recipe fun would it be to have a gift card to Sam's!!!!!? So, if you have a recipe you think would fit, go by and check out the details. If not, try these pinwheels...I don't think they'll disappoint!

Muffuletta Pinwheels

2 packs of cressent rolls
1 10 oz. bottle of spanish (green) olives
1 10 oz. bottle of black olives
5 garlic cloves, minced
a dash garlic powder
~1/4 cup olive oil (I didn't measure this. Just put enough that it looks "right" to you)
8 sliced deli ham
4 slices provolone cheese
5 cheese Italian blend (if desired)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Chop the olives (both). Mix with garlic, garlic powder, and olive oil. Open the crescent rolls (there are four "rectangles" per package). Press down each rectangle until slightly larger than it started. Going the length of the rectangle, place two half pieces of ham on the dough (you will have one piece of ham per rectange). If your ham pieces are small then you could you 2 pieces. On top of the ham, place 1/4 piece of provolone cheese (1/2 piece per rectangle). Spoon some olive salad over this. It is around 1-2 Tablespoons; however, I didn't measure how much, but if there is too much you'll know - it won't roll! Sprinkle the extra cheese on this if using it - I recommend using it! Roll from the stuffed side toward the other. Use a serrated knife to cut the pinwheels. Place in a greased round cake pan (as you would place cinnamon rolls) almost touching. Bake for around 11 minutes or until slightly browned. Remove and enjoy!


RecipeGirl said...

Oh my gosh- this is perfect! Looks delicious!! Best of luck :)

Pearl said...

oh what a perfect dish to bring to a superbowl party!

Anonymous said...
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gail@more than a song said...

Oh, those look sooo good! A great snack but would be good anytime.

Hallie Fae said...

I need to start thinking about what I'm making for the boys this weekend for the super bowl. These are on the short list!

Anonymous said...

Those look like the perfect superbowl party snack... my hubby would love them!

Katrina said...

As I was looking at these and reading the post, I instantly thought you should enter this in the contest, then I got to the part where you are! Good luck.

Unknown said...

RG - Thanks! This is a fun contest.

Pearl - You can't beat roll-ups.

Gail - Yeah, I haven't made them in probably 2 years.

Hallie - Ooo...I hope you like them if you decide to try them out. Just saw your blog, you've got some good stuff on there.

Kristen - Yeah, the last time i made them, I was riding with some guys to the location and they ate quite a few before we even got there!

Katrina - :-) Glad you thought they were contest worthy.

Maria said...

What a great snack for the big game!

Abby said...

I wish I didn't ALWAYS have to work on Super Bowl Sunday - I love party food! I saw that recipe challenge, too. Good luck!

Aggie said...

Oh oh oh ... muffalettas are my favorite!! These are making me hungry!

Jen said...

These look delish! I'll have to take them somewhere soon!