Thursday, September 21, 2006


Last week I was in the mood for Mexican. So I decided that I would make chicken fajitas. I've recently discovered that I enjoy the flavor of red peppers. However, to buy those at the grocery store costs a crazy amount...$1.39 PER PEPPER. So, I was excited this week when the farmer's market actually had ONE red pepper. I snatched it and a green and orange pepper up quickly! Our farmer's market fare is dwindling here, so I figure I better enjoy it while I can. Anyway, Sunday (less than 24 hours after purchasing the pepper) I walked through the kitchen and smelled a strong pepper smell. I looked in the bag and there was a pool of liquid along with a deflated red pepper. It was as if the pepper was a water balloon and had been burst. So, after all that excitement, I lost my red pepper.

But, I still had my orange and green peppers. So, I pulled out a couple of chicken breasts from the freezer, seasoned them, and threw them on the trusty George Foreman Grill. I wasn't really sure how the chicken would turn out, but it worked. After cooking the onions, peppers, and mushrooms I put together some yummy chicken fajitas! I added a little rice, some salsa (home-made mide you!), and yogurt. I used the yogurt for sour cream. To me it tastes very similar and has more bacterial benefits. These fajitas...quick, easy, and healthy...faster than Rachel Ray!

Chicken Fajitas
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
seasonings (I used salt, pepper, and season all)
one onion
one green bell pepper
one orange bell pepper
handful of mushrooms
fat free yogurt/ sour cream

Season the chicken and place on a grill. Cook until cooked through. While chicken cooks, chop the onion and peppers. Place the onions, peppers, and mushrooms in a hot saute pan and cook until the onions are translucent and peppers are tender. Layer vegetables, chicken, rice, yogurt, and salsa on a tortilla and enjoy!

ALTERNATIVE: I did this the next night. Take some salad greens, place heated vegetables and chicken on top. Top with yogurt and salsa. Enjoy this as a chicken fajita SALAD since apparently we're supposed to eat a salad a day!

This can easily be made vegetarian by eliminating the chicken and increasing the vegetable amounts! Still YUMMY!


Anonymous said...

I love fajitas - but have never made them at home... It's about high time! Love the pics :)

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I'm not feeling the yogurt but otherwise, your fajitas look great. This is basically how I make quesadillas except I chop the grilled chicken and veggies up, mix in a little cheese and sometimes salsa, then I fill the tortillas and grill them (with a bit of cooking spray on them).

Unknown said...

VC - They were so easy! Glad you like the pics. For some reason a few of my pictures have been turning out nicely.

Paula - I guess the yogurt thing is just a taste thing. I didn't have sour cream and use yogurt more often, so I just got that. I slice the chicken in to thin slices but I think I forgot to put that in the post. The quesadillas sound great!

Crystal said...

Love fajitas! My cousin made some awesome ones for me last time I was over.

I'd totally do the yogurt thing, great idea.


Sara said...

Sounds good - I love Mexican food. I am so sad about the farmers markets winding down too.

Unknown said...

Crystal - Glad you like the yogurt idea! It makes me a little more able to enjoy that flavor knowing it's good for me!

Sara - I guess I'll have to turn to frozen veggies coming up soon. Boo! I'm going to miss the market!

Anonymous said...

Yum, that looks good Claire! We eat out Mexican a lot, and love fajitas, but I have never tried them at home.

Hate to hear that the Farmer's Market is dwindling down... I still haven't made it out there. Post and let us know if you get back and find some "fall bounty"! :)

Erika W. said...

Mmmm. I love fajitas. We have a local place that makes to-die-for pork fajitas. They are the only ones I know of who add the mushrooms. Fajitas have to have mushrooms in my world.

Unknown said...

Stacy - I'll let you know if I find anything good tomorrow. Hopefully I will...I need some veggies!

Erika - I like almost anything with mushrooms! Yum!

Anonymous said...

My son orders fajitas every time we eat him there is no other.

I love them too, and yes, with the yogurt!

Annie said...

I always though fajitas were hard to make for some reason. You just took the mystery out of making them for me~!! I could totally make them. Thanks for the step by step instructions!

Unknown said...

Kate - Go for it with the yogurt! You should try it at home, that might get your son to eat there more often! :-)

Annie - They are really very simple. Glad that I could help! Hope you try some time.