Friday, June 02, 2006

Real Biscotti

What goes with coffee better than coffee cake? Biscotti! This wonderfully crispy, textured cookie is not only flavorful but great for dipping. Yes, some people may claim that it is not edible UNLESS it is dipped, but I argue differently. You simply must have a good recipe. However, if you insist upon dipping there are many different options for the dipping liquid. Try coffee, tea, or milk. I'm sure hot chocolate would even work!

The recipe I use is from Giada DiLourentes. Because of this, I tend to think that it is more accurate to the Italian roots of this cookie. Although the original recipe calls for citrus zests, you can play around with what you add into the dough. I've done almonds, bluberries, craisins, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and pecans; all of these were delicious. My only warning is to put these INTO the dough. As you see from the picture, I put the WCC's on top of the dough. This doesn't work well. The chips just browned and fell off! Here is the recipe. Also, I use corn meal and have used splenda with no negative consequences. Put this to use and ENJOY!!!

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