Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kate is 8

And now, I will skip through seven months - mostly filled with school activities for Kate including the Principal's award, AR parties, and all A's in second grade.  She LOVED Ms. Hurt and will forever, I'm sure, go visit her!
 She decided that she wanted a butterfly party this year.  We ended up having it at the YMCA for a swimming party. 
Of course, as we were getting in the car to go it started raining.  It rained for the first hour of the party, but they were great and let us play, eat and do presents in the workout room.  We had watermelon, cheese puffs, butterfly hotdog crescents, and butterfly pasta salad.
Then Kate opened presents - she got some fun stuff including crafts, gift card that she used to get Land of Stories (her favorite) books, and a bracelet. 
Then we were able to go outside and swim!  The kids had a great time and I didn't take many pictures because it looked like lightning and confused the lifeguards.
We had cake at the last minute and then everyone left. 
It was a great party! 

Kate's actual birthday was a kids camp again.  This year, they sang to her on stage.  She acted embarrassed but I think really enjoyed it.  We are so proud of Kate. 
She has such a giving and caring heart.  She wants for everyone to be happy and taken care of.  She shares her love and joy with everyone she knows without concern for what they will say or think.  She shares Jesus in a way that is so pure and innocent.
I pray that she only grows in this and doesn't become worried about whether others will think that's ok or not.

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