Friday, December 30, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

We have been going to the pumpkin patch since right before we got engaged. 
Last year we had a picnic, so we decided to do it again. 
It was so fun.  Then we measured the kids to see if they had grown. 
Caleb really enjoyed the patch this year but he was pretty sleepy and he plopped down right there on the floor waiting for our tractor...
but he got right up and enjoyed the "tactor." 
Kate is always the biggest fan of the swings and picked her pumpkin out in SECONDS
so she could run over and get a swing!
 Caleb picked out the rest of the pumpkins
and we had to tear him away to go elsewhere. 
He didn't really want to swing or try out the hay.  It was a fun day!

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