Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Caleb - ONE Month

Caleb is one month old! (actually yesterday)  How can this be?!?!?!   (picture heavy post...but they're cute!)

He's still very much new and baby...but how has it been a whole month since he was born?  We are loving being a family of four.  However, we are still getting used to having a baby. 
Most days have been great and no problem, but over the past two days he has been fussy and just wants to either be held or eat.  This led to David making supper last night while I told him what to do.  That was interesting!
Kate has been GREAT!  She absolutely loves having a brother and even told me if we have another baby she wants another brother rather than a sister.  :-) 
She loved helping us give Caleb his first bath, though I think we'll stick with letting her brush his hair since when I asked her to rinse his stomach the water still almost made it up to his face.  Ha!

I'm not getting much sleep as he wakes every 2-3 hours (occasionally 4-5 but that has happened only twice) to eat and makes those sweet baby noises plus some reflux noises when he is asleep.  I wake up with every sound! 
He typically only takes one good, long nap during the day and is otherwise up and wanting to be held, which limits my napping ability.  I know they say sleep when baby sleeps but I don't think I'd get ANYTHING done if I did.  I have taken about 3 naps when I'm by myself with him.  Thankfully, David has been sweet and lets me take good naps on the weekends when he's here more. 
He still sleeps in his bassinet in our room which makes sleeping difficult for me since he makes sweet baby noises when he sleeps.  He has napped in his crib and did ok.  He does sleep on his back but likes to twist to the side.

We are exclusively breastfeeding and he has done great so far.  I have started doing some between feeding pumping sessions to get some frozen stash started.  He did have one bottle when I was gone for about 3 hours one time.  He took the bottle great, which is good since he will be in daycare soon-ish.  However it made me a little sad...though apparently, this is what he does when I'm gone and he thinks he's hunger (or IS hungry!)
When I got back, he was hungry and IMMEDIATELY started feeding well.  That made this mama happy!

I'm not sure how much he weighs but he feels heavier and is starting to get some meat on his legs and a little bit of a tummy.  He was 7 pounds 8 ounces at his 2 week visit.  My very UN-scientific weighing of him puts him between 8 and 8.5 pounds.  I'm assuming closer to 8.  He still wears newborn outfits but they are actually fitting and he can wear 0-3 if needed.

He loves to go on walks. If he is fussy, I can put him in his carrier and stroll for about 30-45 minutes and he will just sit there quietly, gazing out at the world.  About 2 minutes after getting home he is usually fussy again.  The boy likes to move!  He usually "talks" when we start walking, which I love.  It's so sweet!  He also likes to be held and to look at lights.
(with Allie, my mom)

He has started to smile some but it is still random and non-reproducible; so, I'm thinking it's due to reflex and gas.  A true smile is coming soon, though.  I'm convinced of it!! 
It has been such fun to watch him start focusing on things.  He is definitely starting to notice the world around him.  He has followed objects very briefly and will look toward sounds.   

Being a mama to a new baby is such a different thing than to a toddler/child.  It is such an overwhelming but joy-filled experience.  I can go from being stressed, exhausted and crying to overwhelmingly in love, not wanting to put my baby down in a matter of seconds. 
What an awesome responsibility God has given me and David.  I pray that we never forget to seek him for wisdom and strength in raising Caleb and Kate (and any other children we may have).  We pray that they both come to know him as Savior and to have a relationship with him.  I also pray that I am an example to them of how to live in Him.  What a huge responsibility that I am so thankful for!

Caleb, we can't wait to watch you grow more and more!!!

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