Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Better Than Starbucks

Happy Valentines Day!!!  I hope that everyone has had a good day.  Valentines Day is a day to celebrate everyone you love...and those that love you.  I'm so thankful for the love that my parents have given me since day 1...and for the love that they have exhibited to each other in front of me.  Such godly example for me!  I'm also thankful for the new Valentine in my life, D!  What a sweet encourager he is, kind to everyone, and such a great Daddy to Miss K.  He even brought flowers to my door this morning before he went to work.  :-) 

The most important love, though, that any of us can experience is the love that Jesus showed when He came to sacrifice Himself for us, so that we, even though separated from God by sin, could be reunited with Him. His love is full, complete, and unconditional...He wants us to come to Him as we are and trust Him for all we need.  The greatest love EVER!

I think that chocolate covered strawberries are great and decided that I should take a sweet treat to work today.  I decided to take chocolate covered strawberry cake balls.  They were very easy to make and quite well received by my co-workers.

 During a meeting this afternoon, one of the program directors ate something along the line of six of them!  One of the chiefs said I didn't let him down.  Then, before I left, a fellow resident grabbed one more.  She said that she had become addicted to Starbucks' cake pops...but that these were even better!  Woo Hoo!  I LOVE when my treats are well received.  These would be really fun to use for baby showers as well.  Since you are combining the cake with icing, you can use the low-fat version of the cake without any qualms.  Any way to lighten things up even just a little is good...and doesn't have to make the taste any different.  So, grab your favorite cake and icing and make some little treats for the ones you love!

Cake Balls
favorite cake mix, baked per package instructions (I used strawberry)
1 can ready to spread icing/frosting - choose a flavor to compliment your cake (I used cream cheese)
dipping chocolate (I stocked up on these after Christmas...still have 7 packages to use!)

Prepare cake per package instructions.  Feel free to use low fat version as you'll be adding plenty of sugar and fat with the icing.  Cool for about 30 minutes.  Crumble cake into a mixer bowl.  Add in icing and then mix for about two minutes.  Place into refrigerator for 2 hours.  Remove and roll into walnut sized balls.  Place on waxed paper on a cookie sheet. 

After forming all the cake into balls, place the pan into the freezer for about 1 hour.  When ready, melt the dipping chocolate and coat the balls in chocolate, replacing on the waxed paper.  The chocolate should harden quickly, but they are better when they are refrigerated some.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

What's your opinion: since you're combining the cake with the icing (which has loads of sugar & fat), then covering it with chocolate, do you think this could work with your low-fat banana bread recipe and a cream-cheese icing, covered in chocolate? Or something along that line of thinking? Cake mixes here are really expensive (like $7 each), and applesauce isn't available, so I have to make cakes from scratch, and it's hard to do low-fat subs. Any ideas?

Unknown said...

It would probably work...would be different! Try and let me know!