Monday, January 16, 2012

A Do What You Want Meal

What do you do when you have people who like to eat different things?  How do you make a meal that will please everyone?  Sometimes, it can't be done; but, can!  I think meals that you can make in a way that everyone can detail to their own tastes is great!  Homemade pizza is this way.  Just make a half and half pie.  Last week, we did this with quesadillas.
I even used the "healthy" tortillas that I had in my refrigerator.  D said they didn't taste TOO healthy. ;-) A slim-pickin's grocery story trip led us to use Tyson precooked and slice refrigerated chicken.  I've never used this before but this was actually REALLY good and easy to use.  If you need a convenience chicken, I would definitely recommend it.  For the quesadillas I just sauteed some onions and peppers. 

Then I heated up my Le Crueset grill pan (yay for using it!) and oiled it some.  D had chicken, onions, peppers and cheese. 

K had chicken and cheese (and salsa....mostly salsa!).  I had onions, peppers (lots!), mushrooms, and chicken.  A nice, easy Sunday night supper...tailored to suit everyone's desires!

chicken/beef (cooked)
other fillings you want

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Erica said...

I hear ya on this one! My picky eater is my husband ;). I usually do make your owns or just do little bakes where I can customize what goes into each!