Tuesday, July 01, 2008


When I was home last week, my mom asked if there was anything I wanted while I was home. I had already been thinking that we needed to have kabobs. She later suggested another dish, a dish a like but can make on my own at home. NOPE! I wanted kabobs. So, we pulled chicken and steak out of the freezer, thawed them on an aluminum pan (This thaws things SO quickly! If you don't believe me, try it!), marinated them, and then Daddy grilled them. SOOOO good. The chicken was perfect...moist, tender, and so flavorful! We marinated the chicken (I think) in raspberry vinegarette and the steak in Dale's. Apparently, the steak was over marinated, but I didn't have any. As to the vegetables, this is what makes it great for ARF Tuesday over at Cate's. We used onions, peppers (great for Vitamin C!), tomatoes, and mushrooms. Oh so good. (This picture is my leftovers...I forgot to take cooked pictures the first night!) So, for a great summer dinner full of antioxidants, try kabobs!


Jane said...

We grill a lot in the summer, & we have never ever done kabobs!
We'll have to try this sometime.
I get so many ideas from your site, Claire!

Anonymous said...

I love Kabobs in the summer. So easy to please any dinner guest, the meat/vegie combinations are endless!

Anonymous said...

I love kebabs. This recipe looks great!

Unknown said...

Jane - Oh, you definitely need to do kabobs! I hope you enjoy them.

BB - You're right, anyone could be pleased.

Kristen - Thanks! Take advantage of summer.