Wednesday, May 14, 2014

19 and 20 weeks

Yikes!  I've gotten behind on every sort of posting there is!  It has been some kind of crazy around here.  You see, the day I turned 19 weeks....

we left to go to Disney World!!!  It was quite the fun trip.  K had a great time.  We spent most time at Magic Kingdom.  I'll do a post about the trip (or several) later on.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do many rides.  I did most of the kiddie rides and had gotten permission from my OB to ride Splash Mountain!!!!  However, I couldn't ride any coasters...not even barnstormer, the kiddie one!  Oh, well.  It was there that K started kissing baby brother.  She has quite taken to that.  :-)

When we got back, I had my anatomic ultrasound.  This was right at 20 weeks.  Halfway!  I can't believe it.
 Mr. Man wouldn't turn for a profile shot but kept looking straight at us.  At one point, I said "Hello!" and right then he moved his little hand (which was up by his face the whole time).  Such fun!  He is quite the expert chewed and even yawned and stuck his tongue out.  Everything looks good: spine is closed, tummy closed, two kidneys, normal appearing brain, and 4 chamber heart!  YAY!  His head measured 20 weeks 5 days (77%) and his belly was right at 20 weeks.  She estimated that he weighs 10oz.  That is about 20 weeks 4 days. 

Due Date: September 25, 2014
How Far Along: 20 weeks (last week)
Fruit/Veggie: Sweet Potato/Bell Pepper about 5-6 inches long, 5-7 ounces
Gender: It's a BOY!  We're pretty sure about first name but working on middle name.
 Exercise: Still exercising almost daily.  Minimal jumping - I do jumping jacks but barely get off the ground and jump squats but that's about it.  Trying to do some weight classes.
Sleep: Sleep is off and on - some nights great, others not so much. I slept GREAT in Disney!

Food: no real cravings right now but everything looks good

What I love: Feeling my boy move!  It's still not consistent but I definitely can tell it's him moving
What I miss: enjoying coffee, being able to go "full out" at the gym
What I'm looking forward to: a new "to us" house hopefully soon, having some comfortable clothes, shopping and planning for this sweet baby, picking a full name!!!!!
What I'm thankful for: family, the gift of going to Disney, a healthy baby!

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