Friday, April 25, 2014

18 Weeks

We had such fun sharing our gender news with family.  I've been trying to decide on a name all week but David and I haven't been able to sit down ANY this week to talk about it - though K has decided that she's going to call him "Boogie."  :-)  I feel like our time is just gone.  I never have time to do what I need to do or want to do.  And I really just want to take a nap but need to get other things done!  Oh well! 

I think I'm about to the point of wearing maternity clothes.  I went to Old Navy and got some cute maxi skirts that I LOVE!  I definitely look pregnant in this.  I've also been trying on the clothes that my friend let me borrow and they are working better than the first time I tried them on.  Yay!  I'm kind of ready to actually look pregnant!
Due Date: September 25, 2014
How Far Along: 18 weeks (and 1 day)
Fruit/Veggie: Sweet Potato/Bell Pepper about 5-6 inches long, 5-7 ounces
Gender: It's a BOY!
 Exercise: Still exercising almost daily.  Definitely doing some modifications now.  No burpees, inclined ab work, less jumping...but still moving  :-)
Sleep: Sleeping well.  I haven't had to get up much during the night recently.  I am getting tired earlier, though.

Aversions: coffee, raw spinach
Cravings: sausage biscuits, cheez-itz, apples, cold fruit

What I love: Telling everyone about our baby, starting to actually look pregnant!
What I miss: enjoying coffee, being able to go "full out" at the gym
What I'm looking forward to: a new "to us" house hopefully soon, having some comfortable clothes, shopping and planning for this sweet baby, picking a name!!!!!
What I'm thankful for: my husband who takes care of me, makes me go to bed even when he's not done with work for the night; family and friends who share excitement with us

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