Thursday, September 25, 2014

40 Weeks - Still hanging in there

It is officially my due date and baby still hasn't made his arrival.  The past week has been fairly low key.  Saturday, I took Kate to get her hair cut
and one of her friends came over to play.
His mom is actually my one of best friends, so we enjoyed letting them play while we got to chat.  The rest of the day was spent napping, grocery shopping and watching college football (Roll Tide and Hail State!!!!).
Sunday, Kate had a special breakfast treat - a donut from Donut Palace.  I think she enjoyed it.
 I took Kate to church while David was at work.
Then we grilled out chicken kabobs for lunch and napped again.  Then Kate and I took a little bike ride before she went to her Building Blocks class at church.
She LOVES it.  We also watched a little bit of Mary Poppins.  Such a fun movie.

Monday, David and I got to spend some time together since he isn't on service this week or next in anticipation of baby coming.  We also got to take Kate to school together.
She LOVED that!  I got a text from a friend who needed help with something for the school, so I made peanut butter cookies.  We ate supper outside that night as we have been having some BEAUTIFUL weather these past few days.

Then later that night, David and I actually sat down together and watched a movie.  We always talk about it but never get around to it.  Getting Kate in bed on time definitely helps with that.  After that, I had a little bit of a reality hit while David was praying for us.  He was thanking God for the time that we had gotten to spend together that day, time with Kate, and for the provisions God has made.  Prior to that, I had been just watching my belly move with baby's movements.  All of a sudden it hit me that our lives are going to be changing (for good) very soon...and I felt a little overwhelmed.  Blessed and excited, but overwhelmed.  I thought "I just need more time of THIS."  Overnight, I thought I wasn't going to have it - as I was awake until around 330 with what I'm assuming were contractions.  I thought I was going to have to call our overnight "on call" friend.  Thankfully, around 330, things calmed down and I was able to sleep for about 2-3 hours before my alarm went off.

That day, I had an OB appointment, so I wasn't concerned; but we did pack the car JUST in case we had to stay.  Um, yeah...NO CHANGE!  All that contracting and no change.  She said that she doesn't doubt I was having contractions, it was just not enough to do anything.  So, we now have a plan and will have a baby at some point within the next week - either at his own choosing or eviction.  I'd prefer his own choosing, but we shall see.  I laid low for the rest of the day but did make a yummy new supper that has potential for lots of different options.

Yesterday, it was Kate's school picture day.  I think she looks cute myself!
I worked on an art project for the nursery and David planted berries.  Other than that, we just rested and enjoyed each other.  I'm loving this time with him and at home. 

I took a due date morning walk but not sure if it's doing any good other than helping me enjoy the beautiful weather!
Next pregnancy post - will be a BABY post!!!!

Due Date: September 25, 2014  
How Far Along: 40 weeks

Fruit/Veggie: Pumpkin, Personal/Mini Watermelon  - 19-23 inches, 6-9 pounds
Gender: It's a BOY!  

Exercise: Still exercising almost daily...though I still haven't gone to the gym, I'm just not feeling the machines!  I took a break Tuesday after my OB appointment since I had such a difficult night the night before.  However, I have been LOVING the morning walks and still doing my "video" after.  David even went with me yesterday.  :-)  

Sleep: Sleep is questionable.  I have had a couple of nights when I slept FOUR whole hours in a row without waking up, which was fabulous.  However, throw in a couple of contraction filled nights and that doesn't help much.  Oh well. 

Cravings:  Not much to speak of.

What I love: Feeling and watching the baby move! Still SO going to miss that.  Maternity leave!!!  Time with David this week.  Knowing that in less than a week we'll have baby with us (but that is also a little bittersweet).

What I miss: turning over in bed easily, being able to sleep well - I know that I won't necessarily sleep more with baby but hopefully that will be because I'm feeding him rather than an inability on MY part to sleep, being able to pick things up off the floor (I seriously make a sound whenever I pick something up off the floor!)

What I'm looking forward to:  meeting baby!!!!  Finishing the art project I have for baby's room - started painting the letters and will try to get toward finishing it later today or tomorrow.

What I'm thankful for:  Getting to spend time with David and Kate, friends who are willing to help if needed, a job that allows for maternity leave, God's provision for us

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