Sunday, September 07, 2014

37 weeks

Well, it has been QUITE a week!  We had a great Monday.  We went for bike ride as a family and then just hung out for the rest of the day. 

We had some frustration later that night that I THINK and HOPE has been taken care of.  Tuesday I went to my OB appointment.  No dilation yet.  We got to see little man to check on his size.  Initially she was measuring his femurs to be REALLY short; but then she remeasured and got a weight of around 6lb 4oz.  Hopefully, he doesn't gain 3 pound in 2 weeks!  He continues to hide his face everytime we look.
  But he has some cute feet!  :-) 
 I missed a meeting at work because that appointment ran long and then had to hurry to get Kate to acrodance.  It was a long day.  Thursday this week was MUCH better than last week but still long.  We spent all day together on Saturday.  I took Kate with me to the gym (she LOVES going!) and then we went to the children's museum where we spend two hours.  I guess that was better than being outside for two hours...and I'm glad we spent time together.  She had a BLAST and made some cute artwork.
 After that we went to a local restaurant for brunch.  Kate and I shared the blueberry pancake special and David had the doubleside breakfast.  The pancakes were okay but I'm spoiled by my dad's homemade pancakes.  We did enjoy spending time together.  By the time we were done I was pooped but still needed to grocery shop; so, Kate and David went to SAM's and I went to the grocery store. 
The plan was for a nap but Kate wasn't having that by the time we got home, so no nap for anyone.  Today we had church and Kate and I napped (YAY!).  Then tonight we had a worship night.  The choir sang and essentially stood for the entire 1 hour and 20 minutes.  That was the first time that my back has been sore.  Phew, I was glad to sit down.  Coming up this week - my last week of work!!!!  YAY!  Five more days, we can make it!

Due Date: September 25, 2014  
How Far Along: 37 weeks 3 days
Fruit/Veggie: Honeydew melon, swiss chard  - 18-21 inches, 6-6.5 pounds
Gender: It's a BOY!  
Exercise: Still exercising almost daily...but some days I really just don't want to!  I went to kickboxing and cardioblast this weekend.  Cardioblast does weights and I'm sore from that.  I actually do better in the classes than just on the elliptical.  Go figure!   

Sleep: I've had several better nights recently.  I slept HORRIBLY on Monday night but then Tuesday only woke up once.  I think I was exhausted!  Since then it's been the typical 2-3 awakenings but quick and easy to go back to sleep.

Cravings: Um...not really anything.  Still not much appetite.  One day I was so delayed eating that I felt sick and didn't want to eat anything.

What I love: Feeling and watching the baby move! That it's my LAST week of work before maternity leave.  Seeing my baby on ultrasound even though he STILL won't let us see his face!, football season

What I miss: turning over in bed easily, sleeping, being able to pick things up off the floor

What I'm looking forward to:  getting the baby bedding in, only one more week of work, seeing my mom this week, HOPEFULLY going to paint a nativity painting with Sarah

What I'm thankful for:  My sweet husband, always taking care of me and being patient with me. A healthy pregnancy.

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