Friday, October 27, 2017

Christmas 2016

So, because it's almost Christmas again and have lots to update on here - an all encompassing December post! 
The Christmas parade was actually postponed by one week due to rain but that was fine with us - because it meant that we could all go! 
Caleb loved the band the most at the parade and was excited about meeting Santa...until it came time to meet Santa.  Still crying!!!  He says he's going to smile this year...we'll see! 
Christmas Eve, Doc and Allie came and played in the leaves until it was time to make Christmas cookies.
 Caleb and Kate both enjoyed decorating but Caleb was a little more distracted by eating and was able to sneak more cookies than he was supposed to eat.
Oh, well! 
The next morning, we did Santa presents with the basketball
and American girl doll
being the presents that the kids had specifically asked for. However, I think that this animal puzzle David got for caleb was the winner.
After church and David working, we all came back for lunch and family presents.
Then that evening, Philip and Kenna came and we had brunch. 
Then we opened more presents.

I love that my family has been able to come each year for Christmas. 

Hope that this continues now that we have Eleanor and Abigail!  After David finished working, we went to Decatur. 

The kids LOVE playing with Nana and I think she was pleased with her gift!
Then we were able to go to Spring City this year to see GG.  So glad we got to go.  It even snowed some while we were there. 
A great Christmas season!

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