Sunday, October 29, 2017

Caleb is 3

I'm going to skip around just a little bit!  :-)  One month ago, Caleb turned THREE!  I cannot believe that my little baby boy is three.  He is growing up so much.  He loves school, his friends, and talks so much.  His favorite is reading (like 6 books in a row!). 
He loves to go to church and can sing lots of songs (some he knows better than Kate does!).  We had his birthday one Friday night because there are SO many friend in his class with birthdays around the same time - his best friend's birthday is two days later. 
Caleb wanted a Curious George party so that's what we did.  He and his friends immediately began playing just like they were at school when they got here.  Then they played outside some. 
We had pizza monkey bread, fruit, cheese puffs, pesto chicken pasta salad to eat. 
Then we had a Curious George birthday cake.  I was super excited with how it turned out.  I know some people don't like doing cakes but this is one of the best parts for me. 
I love seeing what different things I can do.  This one turned out great! 
We got Caleb a Ninja Turtle scooter with a Leonardo helmet.  So far, he's enjoyed the helmet more...but that's just due to lack of opportunity. 

I love this little boy so much.  He has a tender heart that loves people so much.  He wants to do what is right (though he still has the typical three year old moments!) and gives the most pitiful face when you have to fuss. 
He adores both of his sisters (yep, two sisters now!) and goes back and forth between being a mama's boy and daddy's boy.  He gets excited to go to church and already wants to learn about Jesus - we read a Jesus story every night and he told David that the Bible says "In the beginning God made the world."  We pray that he will see his need for salvation through Jesus and grow to love and serve Him.

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