Thursday, June 04, 2015

Kate's birthday - Five (from last year)

I am SO far behind on my posting.  Kate's birthday is less than two months away...and here is her birthday post!  Yikes!  She wanted a Frozen party (go figure!) this year.  We had it at a local gym that has blow up jump toys. 
It was a great place.  All I had to do was bring food.  I think the kids had lots of fun...and I enjoyed getting everything together, despite what David would tell you.  I probably did stress a little bit.  The biggest thing that stressed me was people not RSVP'ing.  Y'all, if someone puts RSVP or regrets only on a card, PLEASE notify them.  It helps in knowing how much food to have.  Speaking of food we had some cute stuff! 
We ended up having snowman ham sandwiches, snowflake PB&J,

Olaf popcorn,
Olaf noses, Olaf arms, frozen hearts (My favorite!),

ice blocks, snowman buttons, and s .  Kate said that she wanted an ice cream cake, which coincided with a challenge to make a frozen dessert.  Perfect! 
So, I made her cake.  I did have a bit of a fit and threw some fondant...but it all came together well!
They have a fun throne for the birthday child to sit in while he/she opens presents.
 Of course, this can cause some discontent in the guests but Kate was really sweet and shared by the end.  And we got a cute picture of everyone together. 
The kids actually played hard before food and presents.  Of course, Luke was the first to get there and he and Kate had some time together. Such special friends! 
And Kate was little Miss Gymnast on the balance beam!
I love my little five year, soon to be six!

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