Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Beast's Quiche

I hope you are all princess fans, because I have yet another princess cookbook recipe for you.
 I made "The Beast's Quiche" in September as wll.  I did make a gluten free pie crust but there are premade versions that you can buy as well.  This was perfect for us, since Kate really loves broccoli.
 In fact, she was looking at her cookbook last night and pointed this out.  "OOooo, mama!  Let's make this, it has broccoli!"  Needless to say, this was one that we enjoyed!

The Beast's Quiche
premade crust or crust with your favorite recipe
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
4 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled
1 cup cooked broccoli
4 eggs
1 cup milk
1/4 tsp pepper

Preheat oven to 425.  Sprinkle cheese over the bottom of the pie crust.  Add the bacon and broccoli.  In a bowl, whisk eggs, milk and pepper.  Pour this over the pie crust.  Place the pie into the oven (you can put it on a baking sheet to prevent spills).  Bake for 15 minutes.  Then reduce oven temperature to 325.  Bake from 25 minutes longer.  Then remove from the oven.  Let cool slightly then enjoy!

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