Tuesday, September 08, 2015

11 months

These months are FLYING by!  Just after Caleb turned 10 months we went to the beach.  It was a great treat and we had fun.  Kate absolutely LOVED it.  We thought Caleb was going to like it based on his reaction the first day.  But we were OH. SO. WRONG.  
He hated it.  He ended up having a fever virus while we were there, so I'm not sure if it was due to that or just not liking the beach.  This just meant that while we were at the beach, he snuggled and napped on me.  
I was soaking it up!  He also got to try strawberry ice cream and cheese grits. 

Kate started first grade and Caleb was a big supporter of her but couldn't believe that she is already in first grade. 
Then we had a visit from Doc and Allie.  Caleb made his first visit to Pete's garage and got a lesson in engines. 
He also spend a LOT of time outside swinging with Doc and Allie....and sissie!

Speaking of sissie.  She and Caleb LOVE each other.
 I am just so thankful for how much they love each other.  They play together so well. 
Caleb smiles every night when he gets a goodnight kiss from her.  She loves to play with him...sometimes "too" much.  And Caleb is such a good sport!

Stats: He weighs about 22 pounds (71%ile) - the boy just LOVES to eat! 
Food:  He LOVES it!  He had corn on the cob for the first time and decided he likes it (even though he has made his gums bleed several times gnawing on it).  He also tried and loved cheese grits, ice cream, crackers, spaghetti, and taco meat.  Oh, and the roll that he promptly choked on.

Clothes: still wearing mostly 9-12 months and a few 12-18 months.  He is in size 4 diapers. 

Sleep:  He still wakes up mostly between 545 and 610 and tends to wake up once a night.  I know he's not hungry but nursing is the ONLY way to get him back to sleep.  He's still taking good naps, usually two at daycare and often two at home.  He definitely gets sleepy around 700.

School:  He loves school.  He is still a favorite and is learning to do lots of new things.

Milestones:  He is crawling all over the place.  He also pulls up and cruises a LOT. 

He can use the walking toy that he got for Christmas and basically wants to run with it.
 He is feeding himself (with his hands) and wants to grab his spoon.  He is a pro at holding his cup and is getting better at drinking water.  He uses his pincer grasp more (but usually just grabs things...because he's a greedy little thing!).  He can play peek-a-boo and blow kisses.  He also likes "cleaning" (aka playing with the broom and mop)

He now has EIGHT teeth

Words:  He says dada, lala, baba, a-yeah, a-dah, hey, nana, and CAN say mama (see)...though he decides usually not to.

Loves: his table toy (something new from the consignment sale),
 pulling up, mama, sissie, "dada," swinging, outside (he seriously gets upset when it's time to come inside),
eating, closing doors

Dislikes: coming inside, having his diaper changed

My baby is growing up!  He even looks like a little boy more now.  He makes me smile and laugh...and wants me to cry all at the same time.  I know that growing up is part of having children, but I'm going to miss this little baby.  I also can't wait to see what he does as a little boy!
So thankful for him - for his little personality, his smiles, his laughs, his jokes (yes...he already jokes).  We are so thankful to be able to teach and love him!  We pray that he grows to love God and serve Him.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ten Months

Time is flying and I am so behind.  Caleb turned ten months old two weeks ago. 
And he is officially ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!  He started really crawling about a week after he turned 9 months, actually on July 4th weekend.
 I'd say this month has been the month of the tongue. Y'all- he sticks his tongue out ALL THE TIME!
 I have asked him if he's a puppy dog and he just nods his head.  It's funny but I'm ready to have my smiley baby again.  Ha! 

He really does nod all the time.  You can ask him questions and he answers them.  It's kind of funny to see what he decides to say yes or no to. 
He had a visit from Grammy and Grandmommie when they came to get Kate for some time in AL.  Then he had a week of mama and daddy all to himself! 

Then he got to play with Kate-O when she brought sissie back for her birthday party,
which Caleb had such fun at.  That gymnastics floor is great for crawling.  And Daddy even took him down the blow-up slide.

We finally made it to the swimming pool again and Caleb loved it.  He spent some time under the mushroom fountain with Daddy and even floated around in the deep end while sissie did the slide.

Stats:  I don't have official 10 month weight. He seems about the same to me but all of his clothes are definitely getting tighter and he has a little belly.

Food:  He's a big fan!  Still only mama's milk but he also has breakfast, lunch and dinner.  New foods included refried beans and rice.  He loved them both...they stopped a melt down at a restaurant!

Clothes:  He's definitely straddling sizes.  He can wear 9-12 and 12-18.  Some of his 6-9 month onesies that he sleeps in are still working but definitely getting short.

Sleep:  Y'all, I think he was doing ok on sleep but it has been bad for the last two weeks, I just can't remember anything else.  Pretty sure he was doing well but starting to wake up earlier -around 545 or 6.

His naps are definitely more consistent with him getting sleepy around 1030-11 and then usually late afternoon.  He has been known to fall asleep eating his last bottle at daycare!

School:  He is a school favorite.  My boy is quite the little flirt.  From what I hear, all the teachers love him and come visit his room just to see Caleb.  Ha!

Milestones:  He started crawling July 4th.  He officially pulled up on his 10 month mark, July 27. 
He can drink from a sippie cup but he's not too great at tilting it back.  He can signs "more," "eat" and "all done"...but more is definitely his favorite!  He's become more hands on with the mirror as well.  We actually have a picture of me doing something very similar to this when I was a baby.

He has six teeth completely in and is working on more...

Loves: mama, sissie (and wants to be like her!), eating, crawling, yogurt, being tickled
And we think he looks REALLY cute in a hat!  So thankful for our little Caleb!
So blessed and happy to be his mommy.

Friday, July 03, 2015

9 Months

So much has happened over the past month.  9 months seems to be such a milestone month.
 Caleb is still my baby but he's starting to do things or want to do things independently.  He started waving just after he turned 8 months old and it is THE CUTEST THING!!!!

He has also started shaking his head.  You ask him any question and he almost always shakes his head no.  Ha!  He's started clapping and is a great little sitter.
 He took his first bath this month and LOVES them!  He just kicks and splashes in his little duck. 
He went swimming in the big pool for the first time.  We tried to put him in the float and he was NOT having that.  He screamed and wouldn't calm down until I held him close.  He calmed down and was putting his face in the water by the end.  We have started letting him ride sitting up in the stroller.  He really enjoys that. 
Next step is the convertible car seat.  Not sure were ready for that!  Another first was swinging the big swings at the park.  He had great fun with his daddy!

Weight - 20 pounds (a little less actually) 55%ile
Length - 28.75inches 65%ile
HC - 18.6inches 95%ile

So, he is right on track with a big head.  Hey!  He's got to keep his brains somewhere!  :-)

Food:  He decided that he does like to eat. 
He's been eating great since the beginning of June.  He LOVES yogurt, it's probably his favorite. 
He also eats sweet peas, green beans, avacado, sweet potato, pears, apples, carrots, oatmeal, and lentils.  He has eaten whole strawberries and mandarin oranges as well. 
He is a GREAT little eater. Now I have to figure out how to balance that with bottles/nursing so we can wean when it's time.

He can hold his own bottle, so now we need to work on a cup.

Clothes: He really it right on schedule for clothes.  It kind of makes getting things pretty easy.  He is pretty much outgrown 6-9 month stuff except for shorts and some onesies.  He's in his 9-12 month (and a couple of Mud Pie 12-18 month) outfits.

Sleep:  He is doing so much better on sleep.  He mostly sleeps through the night from 730 or 8 until about 6-630.
 Sometimes he still wakes up a little earlier and he will wake up about twice a week in the middle of the night.  When that happens, he almost always wants to nurse.  At this point, I have just given into it because I can get back to sleep faster if I don't fight it!  Ha!

He's also napping better.  He usually will take a 30-40 minute morning nap and often a 40-60 minute afternoon nap.  Better, my son, better!

School:  He loves his little friends and his teachers.  He waves and smiles and dances for them.  The other day, he took a toy away from one of his friends and the teacher asked if it was nice to take toys from our friends.  Caleb shook his head "no."  Then she asked him if he needed to move to another spot on the mat and he shook his head "yes."  HAHAHA!
 I love watching him on the video system.  Most of the time he is sitting in the middle of the mat with toys around him, just playing.  He often falls asleep on the playmat. I wish I knew their secret!

Development: He is right on tract.  He waves and talks and smiles.  He is trying to pull up.
 He moves all over the place but hasn't quite crawled...but it is on it's way!  He can get on all fours but hasn't quite figured out how to get his legs moving.  He can feed himself with his fingers and is starting to figure out chewing some.
He has four teeth mostly in and two that are just about poked through.  Poor baby is worn out by those teeth!

Loves:  zerberts on his stomach - you can get him to stop crying by doing this, it's great!  Baths, yogurt, Mama (he's a pretty big mama's boy right now),
playing with his sissie (but not being held by her but to her chagrin).

We love our Caleb!  It's a joy to watch him grow...but it's going by too quickly!