Friday, November 25, 2016

Fair 2016

It is hard to believe that it has been FIVE years since David and I went to the fair together.  That was the beginning of realizing that we enjoyed being together. 
We make it a point to go to the fair each year (with the exception of 2014 because Caleb was only 10 days old...I cried that I couldn't go!).  This year, Caleb is essentially the same age as Kate was when we first went to the fair.
  Crazy!  He wasn't so excited about it at first, but after about 20 minutes of clinging to me and watching sissie ride the bikes,
he was all in!  While he was clingy, Kate and I got to go on "our" ride.
 Then Caleb decided he was ready to ride and went on the cars (because he was about 1/2 inch to short for the bikes - this happens to my children all the time!). 
He LOVED them!  He rode them four times, each time on a different color.  Caleb and I rode the bumble bees (which he STILL talks about!)
 and then he rode the bears with Daddy (this is an ONLY Daddy ride, Mama can't handle it!). 
We got free biscuits - of course.
Then we went to ride the ponies. 
Caleb was all about it until we put him ON the pony...and he was over it!
 Alas, he did well last year but I guess "knew" too much this year.  Then we went to the petting zoo.
 Caleb was a bit afraid at first, so Kate got to feed  the goats and camel several times.
  Finally Caleb decided it was fun
 and fed a goat.  "I fed a goat!"
After that, we went and stood in front of the slide while waiting for David to get more tickets.
 It was apparently enough time for Caleb to decide that he wanted to go.  YAY! 
He loved the slide! 
After supper and a few more rides, we went home with some sleepy kids!  SO fun!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Caleb Turns TWO!

I can't believe my baby is two! 
He has been such a joy in our lives and is so fun to watch as he grows and learns.  He has such a kind and friendly spirit and loves his sissie.  He loves to go to school and to church and is already showing signs of loving to read and sing. 
We got to have my parents, Grammy, and some of his friends over to celebrate with a Dinosaur party!
 The kids had a blast playing outside.  Then they came back in for lunch consisting of dinosaur chicken nuggets, dino dung (broccoli bites),
 dino claws (Bugles), dino eggs (M&M's), dino sandwiches and strawberries.
 Then we had cake.  I always enjoy making the kids' cakes.  This year I was really excited about how Caleb's dino cake turned out!
 Even added some dino babies on the side.  Caleb did a great job blowing out his candle
 and then thoroughly enjoyed his cake!
 After cake, he opened presents.
 He did good for a little while and then was pretty much over it. 
He even said "I done" and walked off.  He just wanted to walk around and play with his friends! 
The big sisters had fun playing, too.  We love our Caleb and are so thankful for him!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Labor Day

David and I often say that we want to have people over for dinner or get togethers, etc., but we never do it.  So, when Labor Day came, we just made a plan and did it!  We had one of Caleb's school friends and his family over to cook out.
 The kids played outside on the swing set.  Later, we got out the slip'n slide..which promptly burst!
  Oh, well!  They still had fun playing in the wading pool and the wagon.  David smoked some ribs which I hear turned out great. 
We also grilled shrimp and corn.  Such a fun night to just enjoy friends!

Monday, November 21, 2016

First Hair Cut

Well, I got SO CLOSE to catching up and then stopped blogging for a month.  On Labor Day weekend, we decided that it was finally time for Caleb to get his hair cut. He was actually REALLY excited about it before we began the process.
 First place we tried didn't have anyone who could do it, and he was sad about it.  So, we tried another place.  As soon as he sat down the screaming started. 
I tried to hold him but just couldn't, so David took over.
 He basically had to hold Caleb down until he realized he wasn't going anywhere
 and just gave in - unhappy about it.
In the end, we had a handsome looking boy.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend of Parties and Cheer

About a week after school started we had a weekend full of birthday parties.  Kate was supposed to go to a cheer camp that morning but woke up with a pink eye, so I didn't let her go.  Caleb had a birthday party for his friend form school and had a blast playing in the birdseed box! 
That afternoon, Kate went to the present portion of her friend's party. 
They had cake balls and both kids LOVED them! 
The next weekend, Kate got to cheer at the football game.  She is one cute cheerleader if I do say so myself! 
She was actually more interested in the game but I think that was because she didn't get to go to the camp.  She stood with some of her new friends from her class this year and then got to see her teacher! 
She had a great time and did a fantastic job.  We were proud of her effort and excitement.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Second Grade!

How is Kate in second grade!?  I can't believe she is already that grown.
 We had registration on Wednesday and found out that she has Ms. Hurt.  On the way out, we saw one of our friends who had her a couple of years ago and loved her, which made this mama feel better!
Friday was the first day of school and she had the traditional first day of school pancakes - this year with a 2 for second grade! 
This year, Kate says that her favorite color is blue and she wants to be a dentist.
 Mama, Daddy and Caleb all walked Kate to the classroom.
 It was a humid day and we ended up parking all the way at the high school because traffic was SO backed up (it was the right thing to do as we we walking out of the school before the cars originally in front of us even got to the school!). 
We got a picture of Kate with Ms. Hurt (which ended up being used by the school district in a newsletter!). 
Then we checked out her desk and got her settled. 
She is having a great year so far.  We are so proud of her hard work, good behavior, and how well she is doing with reading.  We are also thankful for the evidence of the Holy Spirit's presence and work in her life!