Friday, November 25, 2016

Fair 2016

It is hard to believe that it has been FIVE years since David and I went to the fair together.  That was the beginning of realizing that we enjoyed being together. 
We make it a point to go to the fair each year (with the exception of 2014 because Caleb was only 10 days old...I cried that I couldn't go!).  This year, Caleb is essentially the same age as Kate was when we first went to the fair.
  Crazy!  He wasn't so excited about it at first, but after about 20 minutes of clinging to me and watching sissie ride the bikes,
he was all in!  While he was clingy, Kate and I got to go on "our" ride.
 Then Caleb decided he was ready to ride and went on the cars (because he was about 1/2 inch to short for the bikes - this happens to my children all the time!). 
He LOVED them!  He rode them four times, each time on a different color.  Caleb and I rode the bumble bees (which he STILL talks about!)
 and then he rode the bears with Daddy (this is an ONLY Daddy ride, Mama can't handle it!). 
We got free biscuits - of course.
Then we went to ride the ponies. 
Caleb was all about it until we put him ON the pony...and he was over it!
 Alas, he did well last year but I guess "knew" too much this year.  Then we went to the petting zoo.
 Caleb was a bit afraid at first, so Kate got to feed  the goats and camel several times.
  Finally Caleb decided it was fun
 and fed a goat.  "I fed a goat!"
After that, we went and stood in front of the slide while waiting for David to get more tickets.
 It was apparently enough time for Caleb to decide that he wanted to go.  YAY! 
He loved the slide! 
After supper and a few more rides, we went home with some sleepy kids!  SO fun!

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