Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Caleb Turns TWO!

I can't believe my baby is two! 
He has been such a joy in our lives and is so fun to watch as he grows and learns.  He has such a kind and friendly spirit and loves his sissie.  He loves to go to school and to church and is already showing signs of loving to read and sing. 
We got to have my parents, Grammy, and some of his friends over to celebrate with a Dinosaur party!
 The kids had a blast playing outside.  Then they came back in for lunch consisting of dinosaur chicken nuggets, dino dung (broccoli bites),
 dino claws (Bugles), dino eggs (M&M's), dino sandwiches and strawberries.
 Then we had cake.  I always enjoy making the kids' cakes.  This year I was really excited about how Caleb's dino cake turned out!
 Even added some dino babies on the side.  Caleb did a great job blowing out his candle
 and then thoroughly enjoyed his cake!
 After cake, he opened presents.
 He did good for a little while and then was pretty much over it. 
He even said "I done" and walked off.  He just wanted to walk around and play with his friends! 
The big sisters had fun playing, too.  We love our Caleb and are so thankful for him!

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