Sunday, April 12, 2015

June Reunion

I did cook more things in June, but I'm not sure of the recipes!  That's what happens when you get almost a year behind in blogging.  Oh, well!  At the end of June, we went to TX for my family reunion. 
It is a lot of fun and is getting more fun because all of my cousins have kids who are about the same age, so everyone has fun playing together.  I am so glad that Kate has cousins to play with. 

We enjoyed just hanging out together in the little cabins.  The "resort" had a necklace craft time Saturday morning, which the kids enjoyed. 
That afternoon, my aunts and cousins (the uncles only sort of participated!) had a baby shower for us.  It was the first one and was fun! 
We were blessed with lots of great and needed items.  David got a diaper changing tool belt. 
They even got a fun purse for Kate.  I think this cat had several different names before we got home! 
Later we went swimming before a cookout that night.  Sunday morning, we gathered one more time before leaving...and the cousins played on the golf carts some more. 
It was a good weekend, which we look forward to again this year!


gail@more than a song said...

I'm always looking for spots for our family to meet up......where in TX was this with cabins?

Unknown said...

Sorry I took so long. Had to ask my mom. It's called Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX.

gail@more than a song said...

Thanks Claire, I'm going to write it down to keep in mind for a future meeting place! Hope you're doing good, the baby is growing fast!